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List of Western movies/films with performances by Robert Ryan, listed alphabetically with movie trailers when available. These Robert Ryan Western roles include starring, supporting and cameo appearances. You can sort these Robert Ryan Western movies for additional information as well, such as who directed the films and when they were released. Over the years Robert Ryan has become known for playing characters in Western movies, so this list is the perfect resource for finding some you haven't already seen.

Movies on this list include The Wild Bunch and The Professionals.

This list answers the questions, "What Western movies has Robert Ryan been in?" and "What are the best Robert Ryan Western roles?"

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A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die is a 1968 Italian spaghetti western. It is the fourth and last western directed by Franco Giraldi. It was originally intended as being directed by Sergio Corbucci and the cast was to include also Raffaella CarrĂ  and Renzo Palmer. The American version of the film was heavily cut and handled, including a different ending, and it lasts 16 minutes less than the original version. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Robert Ryan, Arthur Kennedy, Alex Cord, Mario Brega, Nicoletta Machiavelli, + more

Initial Release: 1968

Directed by: Franco Giraldi

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Bad Day at Black Rock is a 1955 thriller film directed by John Sturges and starring Spencer Tracy and Robert Ryan that combines elements of Westerns and film noir. The supporting cast includes Anne Francis, Dean Jagger, Walter Brennan, Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine. The picture tells the story of a mysterious stranger who arrives at a tiny isolated town in a desert of the southwest United States in search of a man. The film was adapted by Don McGuire and Millard Kaufman from the short story "Bad Time at Honda" by Howard Breslin. The original story had appeared in The American Magazine in January 1947, with full-color illustrations by Robert Fawcett. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Spencer Tracy, Ernest Borgnine, Lee Marvin, Anne Francis, Walter Brennan, + more

Initial Release: 1955

Directed by: John Sturges

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Best of Badmen is a 1951 western film based on the story by Robert Hardy Andrews, written by John Twist and Robert Hardy Andrews and directed by William D. Russell. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Walter Brennan, Robert Ryan, Claire Trevor, Robert Preston, Barton MacLane, + more

Initial Release: 1951

Directed by: William D. Russell

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Custer of the West is a 1967 American Western film directed by Robert Siodmak. It tells a highly fictionalised version of the life and death of George Armstrong Custer. It starred Robert Shaw as Custer, Robert Ryan, Ty Hardin, Jeffrey Hunter and Mary Ure. The film was shot entirely in Spain. The plot of the film was very close to that of the 1941 film They Died with Their Boots On, in which Errol Flynn played Custer. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Robert Shaw, Robert Ryan, Jeffrey Hunter, Marc Lawrence, Lawrence Tierney, + more

Initial Release: 1967

Directed by: Robert Siodmak

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