Graveyard Shift The Terrifying Story Behind The World's Most Haunted Doll  

Mick Jacobs

Robert, who stands at over three feet tall, was gifted to Robert Eugene Otto of the Otto family. As all narcissists do, Otto named the doll after himself.

As if his unsettling beady eyes and haunting expression failed to give it away, Robert is supposedly a cursed doll. Some say a servant of the family performed voodoo magic on the doll, while others speculate that his young owner simply pour so much of himself into the doll it eventually came to life.

Regardless of the origins behind the curse, Robert managed to instill fear among Otto's parents and the townspeople. Missing objects and strange sounds made in the house at night were blamed on Robert by his owner.

The doll now resides in a museum, where even behind glass panels, it still manages to cause havoc to those who take its picture. Gotta love Florida.