Meet Robin Lynn-Pfeifer, Rural Michigan's Mother Of Bigfoots

Out of all the people who claim to have seen Bigfoot, one Michigan woman puts them all to shame. For Robin Lynn-Pfeifer, Bigfoot sightings became an everyday occurrence after a family of them made their home in the woods behind her house. While there are all types of Bigfoot legends around the world, the elusive cryptid's reputation in Michigan is not well-established, especially when compared to the Pacific Northwest and other parts of the US. 

Who is the mother of Bigfoots? Lynn-Pfeifer is a regular woman who allegedly attracts hairy, mysterious creatures - the ones evading most people's line of sight. Like ranch-owners beset by aliens in Arizona, Lynn-Pfeifer is more than willing to share her story with the world, setting the record straight on Bigfoot behavior and earning a complicated relationship with the greater Bigfoot community.

  • She's Learned Bigfoots Love Blueberry Bagels

    She's Learned Bigfoots Love Blueberry Bagels
    Photo: yuichi.sakuraba / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0

    Stop the presses: When strolling through the woods, Bigfoots secretly crave a simple breakfast. When the Bigfoots moved onto her property in 2009, Lynn-Pfeifer started feeding them different foods and discovered their love for blueberry bagels. 

    When discussing their feeding schedule with Discovery News in 2011, she said, "They get fish every day, a bucket of fruit, a bucket of dry dog food... Their favorite thing is blueberry bagels." And to assure her neighbors she's not doing anything weird with the baked goods, she buys the bagels at different stores in her area.

  • Bigfoots Are A Bunch Of Pranksters

    Bigfoots Are A Bunch Of Pranksters
    Photo: JD Hancock / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    According to Lynn-Pfeifer, when the Bigfoots aren't chomping on blueberry bagels and dry dog food, they're goofing around and pulling pranks. She said they like to poke around in her home's crawl space, knock on walls, and braid her pony's hair.

    As if this weren't cute enough, she said they also build little stick structures out in the woods.

  • Lynn-Pfeifer Couldn't Take A Picture Of A Bigfoot

    Lynn-Pfeifer Couldn't Take A Picture Of A Bigfoot
    Photo: Jon CA / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    You would think if a family of Bigfoots moved onto your property, the first thing you'd do is take a photo of your new neighbors. Lynn-Pfeifer has reportedly tried to take their picture, but the wily Bigfoots always outwit her. 

    When she would set up automatic cameras around the forest, the Bigfoots would turn them upside down. Despite not having taken any photos, she has made plaster casts of their feet. True to their name, the biggest footprint she's found measures 18.5-inches long.


  • Lynn-Pfeifer Has Supporters In Russian Cryptozoology

    Lynn-Pfeifer has taken her findings to Russia to discuss her story with other Bigfoot believers. She attended a gathering in the Kemerovo region where she met Igor Burtsev, a researcher in the Russian cryptozoological world. Burtsev believes he's found evidence of a Yeti-like creature in Russia.

    After hearing Lynn-Pfeifer's story, he visited her in Michigan. Though he didn't see any Bigfoots while he was at her home, he still believes her 100% based on the evidence she's collected. 

  • The Bigfoots Simply Showed Up At Her House

    Due to difficulties in tracking down the creatures, it's challenging to know the specifics of Bigfoot behavior. Experts aren't sure how they migrate; some paranormal researchers hypothesized the cryptids might travel via inter-dimensional wormholes. However the Bigfoots move around, Lynn-Pfeifer claims they mysteriously showed up and made themselves at home shortly after she and her family moved to the property in 2009.

  • Bigfoots All Look Different

    If you're judging a Bigfoot's appearance based on a single video of a hairy ape-man trudging through woods, then you may not have considered not all Bigfoots look similar. According to Lynn-Pfeifer, some Bigfoots are short, others are tall, and they all have different colors of fur.

    She claims the Bigfoots on her land differentiate in size by as much as three feet. The shortest is close to six feet tall, while the tallest is nearly nine feet. She told Discovery News: "The biggest one I've sat and looked at for 15 minutes was nine-and-a-half feet tall. The large male is all black. Others are beige and white."