Robin Williams Loves and Hookups 

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Wondering who Robin Williams dated? Then this list of Robin William romances is just for you. Before his tragic and untimely death in 2014, the hilarious comedian dated numerous women and had even been married three times prior to his passing. While some of the women Robin Williams dated worked within Hollywood, he also dated some more surprising women, such as Valeria Velardi who worked as a bartender at a comedy club. 

From 2011 up until his death, Robin Williams was married to Susan Schneider—a graphic designer. Before that, he was married to film producer Marsha Graces and had two children with her. In fact, Graces got pregnant with their first child while Williams was still married to his previous wife, Valeria Velardi.

So, who are all the lucky ladies he dated? You can find an extensive list of Robin Williams's past flings and romances on the list below.

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Susan Schneider

Robin Williams started dating Susan Schneider in 2009. They married on October 22, 2011 and lived together in Sea Cliff, San Francisco, California until his death in 2014.

Susan Schneider is a graphic designer. ...more on Wikipedia

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Robin Williams married Marsha Garces on April 30, 1989. Garces, who was Zachary's nanny, became pregnant while Williams was still married to Valerie Velardi. They separated in March 2008, and later divorced in 2010. 

They had two children: Zelda Rae Williams (born 1989) and Cody Alan Williams (born 1991).

Age: 62

Birthplace: California

Michelle Tish Carter

In the mid 1980s, Robin Williams dated Michelle Tish Carter, a cocktail waitress at a Los Angeles comedy club.

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Valerie Velardi

While working as a bartender at a San Francisco tavern in 1976, Robin Williams started dating Valerie Velardi. They married in June 1978, but later divorced in 1988.

They had son Zachary Pym "Zak" Williams in 1983.