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Since the tragic death of Robin Williams, many people have made it a point to regularly watch anything they can get their hands on featuring the famous actor. Below is a list of Robin Williams movies currently streaming on Netflix Instant, along with movie trailers and clips to watch. These movies admittedly aren't all among his best works, including movies like Hook and Shrink. However Robin still lights up the screen regardless, making all of these 100% worth watching in honor of his memory.
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Robin Williams starred in Jumanji in 1995, a fantasy adventure movie based off the children's book of the same name. '90s children remember the film fondly, as it was undoubtedly one of the most exciting and visually stimulating movies of the decade. Williams played Alan Parrish, one of the original children to play the board game only to appear 26 years later as an adult.

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Good Will Hunting features the performance that won Robin Williams a Best Supporting Actor Oscar at the 1998 Academy Awards. In the earnest drama, Williams plays Sean Maguire, a grieving widower whose mettle as a psychiatrist is tested by Matt Damon's Will Hunting, a brilliant young rebel who reminds Sean of his younger self.

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Robin plays single father Lance Clayton in this 2009 black comedy directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. This movie is particularly hard to watch since Williams died, as character's son Kyle actually dies of autoerotic asphyxiation. Wanting to save his son's dignity, Clayton stages his son's death as a suicide, writing a suicide note that ends up striking a major chord with the students at Kyle's school.

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In 1991, Robin Williams brought Peter Pan to life in Hook, along with Dustin Hoffman playing the famous villain Captain Hook. Although Steven Spielberg directed the film, it was received mostly negative reactions from critics. However Robin Williams's portrayal of Peter Pan was charming and memorable, definitely making the film worth watching.

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