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15 Fan Theories About Robot Movies That We Really Want To Believe

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Over the years, there have been an abundance of incredible movies featuring all kinds of robots, androids, cyborgs and everything in between. This particular genre has always been a fan favorite of sci-fi and adventure lovers, and with rich story-telling and interesting characters, it's no wonder why this particular subgenre has managed to last so long. From unanswered questions to character quirks, some passionate fans managed to come up with some interesting theories surrounding a few of the best robot films.

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    The T-1000 Undergoes A Character Change Over The Course Of 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day'

    From Redditor u/Azumarill99:

    TL;DR The T-1000 develops a passion for killing and torturing his victims over the course of the movie.

    No matter how many times I watch T2, one scene that always annoys me is in the final act when the T-1000 stabs Sarah and asks her to call out to John. Why would a machine designed specifically to well, terminate waste his time torturing Sarah, a potential threat when he could just kill her and imitate her. The T-800 even says, quote "The T-1000's highest probability for success will be to copy Sarah Connor and wait for you to make contact with her". There's also the fact that during the final scene in the steel mill, the T-1000 is moving much slower than we know he's able to move, almost walking towards the trio when he sees them.

    Over the course of the movie, the T-800 is shown to develop not only an understanding of human emotion, but also the ability to feel compassion and empathy for others. So if a less advanced model like the T-800 can develop emotions, it stands to reason that under the right circumstances, so could the T-1000.

    That's where my theory comes in. I believe that the T-1000 develops desires of it's own. More specifically the desire to hunt, and torment his victims. In the early scenes of T2. he'll try to kill any bystanders that get in the way as quickly as possible, such as the mall employee and John's foster parents. But starting with his attack on the mental hospital starts to prolong his killings like when he sneaks up on and stares down the night guard for a few seconds before killing him, and why he wastes time trying to stab them through the elevator when he's clearly shown to be able to melt through the elevator.

    Finally, he takes his time in his fight against the Terminator and Sarah, throwing away multiple perfect opportunities to kill them. Why? Not because he' a bad Terminator, but because he enjoys fighting them, torturing them, feeling their fear while he's terminating them.

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    The Precursors Made The Kaiju Smarter In 'Pacific Rim' Because They Couldn't Stop The Slow Blade

    From a Redditor:

    TL;DR: The Precursors were use to having their Kaiju attacked by high-velocity weapons. They built defenses against that. They couldn't stop the slow blade so they made them smarter.

    Why does humanity have to use Jaegers against Kaiju? Why do they need to punch and grab, slice with swords, and use other conventional style combat against the monsters? Because the Kaiju are resistant to weaponry that discharges at high speeds.

    Just like the Holtzman Shield in Dune, the Kaiju can deflect most attacks above a certain velocity. That's why guns, tanks, and planes are ineffective. The only weapon that eventually worked was a nuke, and it usually took several to take down a single Kaiju. However that seemed to be changing since Slattern survived a nuke straight to the face in the final battle.

    What the Precursors didn't plan for was melee combat. I mean honestly, who would? 250' tall monsters don't usually meet someone their own size. Based on what we see at the end of the movie, the Precursors have quite the assembly line going on in the Anteverse. It's not too hard to guess that they've conquered worlds before and would like to continue doing so. In all their experience they never encountered a species that created something that could go toe to toe with a Kaiju.

    That's why there are no lasers or nukes surrounding the Breach. They don't work. In fact, the only time it appears that an advanced weapon works on a Kaiju is when it's at very close range or the Kaiju is already tired or wounded (e.g. Striker Eureka vs. Mutavore, Gipsy vs. Leatherback, Gipsy vs. Knifehead).

    This concept isn't just in science fiction, it's a real thing. Just look at shear thickening fluid body armor for a good example. How did the Precursors manage this type of defense against nukes? I have no idea. Something something quantum something.

    Anyway, the Precursors never figured out a good way to stop the punches so they went a different route: They made the Kaiju smarter. Beginning with Knifehead, the Kaiju stopped being brutes and started thinking. They eventually started showing up with specialized purposes (Otachi's, weapons (Leatherback's EMP burst), defenses (Slattern's nuclear resistance), and skills (Raiju's incredible underwater speed).

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    Ultron Also Loved Wanda In 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron'

    From Redditor u/Lumba:

    We all know Ultron and Vision are AI counterparts. It seems they may also share a love for Wanda Maximoff.

    The film begins with Wanda and Quicksilver helping Ultron in his mission to bring extinction to the Avengers and bring "peace" to the world. When Wanda first turns against Ultron, on the train, there is a genuine loss conveyed in Ultron's voice. "Please, don't do this," he says. It is rather out of character for the villian, actually, who is usually quite cocky and confident.

    Later, he says to Vision, "My vision... they really did take everything from me." He also says "you took away my world," and Vision refers to Ultron as being (emotionally) hurt.

    So of course he views Vision as an opportunity that was stolen from him, but what the heck else does he have to be sad about? Other than a few destroyed robots, Wanda is the other big loss he experienced. Which leads me to believe that he loved Wanda in a way, much in the way that Vision ends up falling in love. It's just that Ultron's unrequited love is destructive and is a factor in his emotional state and decisions at the end of the film. Towards the end, there is pretty solid evidence of the odd love. Ultron is nearly defeated, and Wanda approaches him. "Wanda... if you stay here, you'll die." Ultron sincerely wants her to live. Then Wanda rips his freakin' heart out. A physical manifestation of how he already felt.

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    The Giant Is A Weapon But Not Sent To Destroy Earth In 'The Iron Giant'

    From Redditor u/Authwarth:

    It has been so long speculated that the Iron Giant was originally a war machine sent by an alien civilization in order to destroy Earth, but the bump on his head made him forgot its purpose. Now, looking at the Giant's equipment we can easily conclude that it indeed is a war machine, but here is my doubt: why would aliens send just one giant if their purpose was to conquer and destroy Earth? Being the Giant 30m tall and totally lacking any kind of stealth technology, it seems quite unfit for a reconnaissance mission.

    We have the deleted scene of the Giant's dream to prove that the Giant is a war machine, but it does not say anything about its PURPOSE. We just see war scenes involving an army of Giants, but it might have been a defensive war. We see a planet being destroyed, but it might be the Giant's home planet being destroyed by another alien civilization.

    The Giant's home planet being destroyed is also a good explaination for its loss of memory: given the fact that not even a nuclear blast would ever damage the Giant, it seems quite unlikely that its head could suffer such a trauma for just hitting a stone. It seems more likely that some other alien weapon did the Giant's bump on the head.

    This would tell us that the Giants Army was fighting a defensive war, they lost, their planet was destroyed and the movie's Iron Giant was left unconscious wandering in deep space and eventually landing on Earth.

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