Rock Bands Who Created TV Theme Songs, Ranked Best To Worst

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Must be original songs created for the show, not a recycling of previously recorded material. Rock musicians only (and technically you are voting on the song not the band).

Believe it or not, some major rock bands have taken the plunge into the world of television - and we're not just talking about music videos from the days when MTV actually played those. Sure, you've probably seen some big rock stars make cameos on TV shows, but others have gone even further to lend their sounds to the shows themselves.  These are the rockers who have written original songs for TV shows.

You've probably heard a lot of these tunes, but you may have had no idea they were written by some of the biggest names in rock music. With your votes, we'll find out which musician wrote the best original TV theme song.

From Ozzman's ferocious theme for Dog the Bounty Hunter to They Might Be Giants's Malcolm in the Middle ditty, which original TV song by rockers do you think is best?