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The Greatest Rock Songs About Friendship Of All Time

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What are the best rock songs about friendship? Historically, rock has covered pretty much topic under the sun from partying all night to wooing the one you love. But there have also been plenty of rock songs you can sing with your best friends. Songs have the ability to make us feel a number of things, and on this list, we're celebrating the songs that bond people together. 

From classics like Queen's "You're My Best Friend" to more modern hits like Weezer's "My Best Friend," this song spans the history of rock and roll, from classic rock, to punk and pop rock. When you want to dedicate your next song at karaoke to your best friend, whether that's your buddy since kindergarten or the person you married, you can turn to this list to know what to put on next. 

This lists focus solely on the best friendship rock songs, so crank your amp to 11 and get ready to have fun and maybe shed some tears. Vote up the best rock songs about friendship, and if we're missing any from your personal top 10, be sure to add them.