Rock Stars And Their Famous Kids At The Same Age

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If you're an artist living the rock and roll lifestyle, chances are you're going to eventually have a child or two somewhere. And when you look at rock star parents and their children, you'll often find that the apple doesn't far fall from the tree.

Some big time musicians have kids who become music stars in their own right, such as Bob and Jakob Dylan or Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus. Other famous kids of rock stars become celebrities with careers as actors like Zoe Kravitz or Liv Tyler. Of course any set of kids is likely to take after their parents in some way (as seen in this list of parents and kids at the same age and famous mothers and daughters at the same age). Naturally, not all of these famous offspring are kids who look like their rock star parents. But when you line up photos of rock stars and their kids at the same age side-by-side, you can judge for yourself.