Rock Stars You Wish You Could Sound Like

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Vote up the rock stars you wish you could sound like - based on their singing voices only. Can be from any era, but must be in the rock genre.

Pretend that you could magically have the voice of any famous rock singer. Who would it be? Just for a minute, imagine it - the lights come up, you saunter onstage, do some kicky dance moves, grab the mic, and quick! Who do you sound like? Do you confidently belt it out in a tenor voice like John Lennon? Do you make all of the ladies swoon in your new Elvis Presley voice? Or maybe Tina Turner's sultry, powerful voice possesses you. Or perhaps you sound like someone more alternative, like Bradford Cox or Karen O.

For this list, you aren't voting on rock stars with the best voices from a technical standpoint. You're voting on rock stars you wish you could sound like. Rock stars with coveted voices don't necessarily have to be known for hitting all the notes, so keep that in mind when casting your votes below! 

When you're done here, vote on the most coveted singing voices of any genre for women and men: The Female Singer You Most Wish You Could Sound Like and The Male Voice You Most Wish You Had.

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