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Rocket Raccoon's Comic Book Origins Are Too Messed Up For The MCU

Rocket Raccoon’s origins are not for the faint of heart, nor are they common knowledge among even dedicated readers of Marvel Comics. The publication of Rocket Raccoon comics was sporadic at best until 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy made him into an A-lister, so there’s surprisingly little continuity behind the character - despite him having been around for decades. And what continuity does exist is about as weird as it gets. 

Rocket’s backstory has been hinted at in both Guardians of the Galaxy movies, but his full origin likely won't appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Rocket’s history in the Guardians comics includes toy factories, a cosmic asylum for the mad, an otter girlfriend, and a bounty of other incidents that would be too bizarre to translate to the big screen. Of course, his comic book canon also contains some of the greatest Guardians of the Galaxy stories ever told.

  • The Experiments Performed On Rocket Are Horrific, But They Grant Him Greater Intelligence

    Given the light and fun nature of Rocket’s early adventures, it’s not difficult to understand why the exact details of the genetic experiments that grant him his intelligence are kept off-page. Subsequent references to his origins, however, hint at a dark truth.

    Rocket has frequently described these experiments as painful, and one can only imagine the potential trauma of having one’s sentience suddenly expanded. The genetic tampering performed on Rocket by the Halfworld robots is, of course, mostly responsible for his surly attitude toward the rest of the universe’s inhabitants. 

  • Rocket Hones His Skills In A Toy Factory

    After spending their whole lives as therapy animals, Rocket and his fellow Halfworlders become responsible for a planet full of psychiatric patients, with no clear instructions as to how best to care for them. Rocket and the others put their newfound intellect to work by constructing factories in which to build “toys” - high-tech gadgets designed to entertain and pacify the patients.

    It's in these toy factories that Rocket hones the engineering skills that will eventually make him the creator of some of the finest tools of destruction in the galaxy. 

  • His Name Is Derived From His Rocket-Powered Boots

    Toys aren’t the only thing Rocket uses his genetically modified mind to create. Foreshadowing his eventual fascination with gadgetry, Rocket builds himself a pair of rocket-powered boots - which seem to paradoxically be both inspired by his name and the inspiration for his name.

    In any case, the boots mainly serve to make Rocket unique among the animals of Halfworld, setting him up to become a leader of sorts in the conflicts to come. 

  • Halfworlders Worship An Ancient Text - And It’s All An Extended Beatles Reference

    It’s difficult to talk about the history of Rocket Raccoon without mentioning The Beatles. The first iteration of the character was intended as a one-off reference to The Beatles’s “Rocky Raccoon,” and his subsequent adventures have contained countless nods to his musical origins.

    Much of the conflict on Halfworld stems from the worship of a text known as “Gideon’s Bible”- in actuality, an indecipherable journal left behind by the planet’s original inhabitants - which is a direct reference to the narrative of “Rocky Raccoon.”

    The fact that Rocket’s best friend’s name is “Wal Russ” is another Beatles tribute.