Photo: Catalina Espinoza / Pinterest

20 Times Rocket Raccoon Was Hilariously Savage

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Rocket Raccoon may be the smallest member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, but he certainly packs the biggest punch. His diminutive size never gets in the way of fighting Ronan or Thanos, or completely annihilating someone with his words. He's an expert at hilarious trolling, and frankly we think it's his greatest superpower. These are the most savage moments from Rocket Raccoon. 

Photo: Catalina Espinoza / Pinterest

  • 1. Oh, You'll Cave

    Oh, You'll Cave
    Photo: Carissa / Pinterest
  • 2. You Thought I Was Serious?

    You Thought I Was Serious?
    Photo: Skyler Jackson / Pinterest
  • 3. What Were You Thinking?

    What Were You Thinking?
    Photo: Bella Starr / Pinterest
  • 4. We Look Like Idiots

  • 5. Can't Deny It

  • 6. It's A Skill

    It's A Skill
    Photo: QueenSortaAmused / Ifunny