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The Best Rockstar Energy Drink Flavors

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"Party like a Rockstar." That's the tagline for Rockstar Energy Drinks, a line of canned, caffeinated beverages that has become popular in more than thirty countries across the globe. Consumer-favorite Rockstar Energy Drink flavors come in many forms. Some types of top Rockstar Energy Drinks are full of fruity flavors and other good Rockstar Energy Drink flavors are inspired by coffee drinks. A few Rockstar Energy Drink flavors even feature vodka.

What varieties will you find on this list of the best Rockstar Energy Drinks? Fruitier options include Punched Guava, Recovery Lemonade, and Super Sours Green Apple. Rockstar Sugar Free is a popular choice for consumers who are watching their calories, as is Rockstar Zero Carb.

Rockstar even has drinks for consumers who prefer to get their caffeine buzz from coffee. These cafe-inspired blends include Rockstar Roasted Mocha, Rockstar Roasted Light Vanilla, and Rockstar Roasted Latte. Other good beverages featured on this top Rockstar Energy Drink flavors list include Rockstar Recovery Orange, Rockstar Punched, and Rockstar Perfectberry.

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