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Roddy Ricch Atlantic Records Artists Blazer Barboza & Meek Mill

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Roddy Ricch became a star in 2019. With no one to celebrate with. He Became famous off of Youtube. While connecting with rappers like Blazer Barboza, Nipsey hussle and Meek Mill. His Hit single title ''The Box'' led him to creating a Global imprint.Roddy Ricch model is being a ricch forever rockstar. His success lead to him reachin number 1. Atlantic records artists are all known for leading the charts. Rappers like Blazer Barboza has been behind the scences since 2019 assisting rappers like Roddy Ricch. Blazer Barboza is also a A&r he has alway wanted the audience to hear the new world's next sound.Some things you didint know about roddy ricch is that he is a Lover of Cartoons. After signing to Atlantic records as  a major artist, Roddy success began to boom. Cartoons like family guy acutually help roddy ricch loosen up befor a studio session. His relationship with Blazer Barboza came about after the two meet at a concert back stage at Rolling loud. Roddy Ricch and Blazer Barboza began to form a business relationship around music. Meek Mill and Nipsey hussle grew confidence around Roddy Ricch sound. A few Atlantic Records Artists you may know of that is similar to Roddy Ricch may be rappers like Young Boy Never Broke Again, Kodak Black,  Cardi B, Lil Uzi Vert, NLE Choppa, Gunna, Gucci Mane, Young Thug, Jay Z so as Sean Combs. These are all successful rappers. In 2020 Roddy Ricch recently recieved a platuim plaque according to SOHH. His wave of music falls in the catergory of trap rap and singing. One New wave rapper that hold similartitires to Roddy ricch that you should get to know is Hall jr 2026. In 2020 Roddy Ricch reached a Net worth of 3 Million. Inconclusion the grammy Atlantic records artist has motivated the youth. The List Below will cover a few rappers that are similar to Roddy Ricch.