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Roger Waters Loves and Hookups

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Who is Roger Waters dating? This list includes all of the celebrity women Roger Waters dated, arranged by most recent. Roger Waters relationships include actresses, journalists, a potter, and even a British aristocrat. 

The list of people Roger Waters dated isn’t exceptionally long, though he was married a whopping four times. Presently, there is no Roger Waters wife. The most recent Roger Waters girlfriend was journalist Rula Jebreal. 

Is Roger Waters married or is Roger Waters single? Find out on this comprehensive list of Roger Waters girlfriends. Roger Waters exes include Laurie Durning and Pricilla Phillips. 

  • Palestinian journalist Rula Jebreal began dating Roger Waters in 2015, reportedly leading to the end of her marriage to Arthur Altschul Jr. However, the couple soon split in 2016, just months later. 

    • Age: 46
    • Birthplace: Haifa, Israel
  • Laurie Durning

    American actress Laurie Durning and Roger Waters married in 2012, after living together for 10 years. 

    Roger Waters and Laurie Durning divorced in 2015. 

    • Photo: IMS Vintage Photos

      Pricilla Phillips

      After first dating in 1992, Roger Waters and actress Pricilla Phillips married on July 28, 1993. They divorced seven years later in 2001. 

      Roger Waters and Pricilla Phillips share son Jack Fletcher.

      • Carolyne Christie

        After first getting together in 1975, British aristocrat Carolyn Christie and Roger Waters married in 1976. Roger Waters and Lady Carolyne Christie divorced in 1992. 

        They had two children, Harry (born 1976) and India (born 1978).

        • Age: 72