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15 Famous Roles Christian Bale ALMOST Played

Updated October 13, 2018 4.6k views15 items

Though he may be unpredictable and often difficult, Christian Bale is pretty great at self-preservation. He's always made good, discerning choices when it comes to his acting roles. (Well, for the most part. Let's try and forget Exodus: Gods and Kings.) This is how he's ended up with an Oscar, and this is why he's a respected, though potentially disliked, celebrity. Christian Bale movies are usually always a safe bet in the box office.

Before his big break in American Psycho, however, the ambitious Bale tried his best to become a Hollywood star - and always seemed to trail behind Leonardo DiCaprio. You may actually be surprised to find that there are stories of Christian Bale auditioning for several high profile Hollywood roles before he became a household name. Later, once he finally hit Hollywood gold, Bale turned down several roles which still might have sent him down an entirely different career path. 

This list of roles that Christian Bale almost played reveals, among other things, that Christian Bale could have potentially been the next Hollywood heartthrob. If one certain director by the name of James Cameron had just made one slightly different casting choice, then Bale never would have gone on to forge a career playing gruff, damaged weirdos. Christian Bale movies run the gamut of quirky to insane, but it's difficult to think of him as a romantic lead for teen girls. 

Let your imagination run wild and check out this list of movies that Christian Bale almost starred in. There are roles that Christian Bale auditioned for, and roles that Bale turned down once he had that luxury. Most of them will surprise you.