13 Famous Movie Roles That Sean Connery Turned Down

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Sean Connery was a titan of cinema. He was a pop culture staple for decades, creating a number of characters who became screen icons in their own right. But there are a number of equally famous roles that Connery could've played, but passed up. They weren't little parts, either - and they wound up going to such megastars as Ian McKellen, Michael Caine, and Richard Harris, to name a few.

Sure, Connery sometimes had a good excuse for saying no, like playing a certain super spy in blockbuster movies in lieu of being the millionth Tarzan to swing from that vine. But that doesn't mean Connery's above making questionable career decisions. He played Allan Quatermain in the widely panned flick The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, right around the time he passed on parts in The Lord of the Rings and The Matrix. His agent probably wasn't jazzed about those decisions.

Some of the roles Connery turned down might have led to regret; other choices likely worked out better for the final product. But there's no denying that the actor's growling Scottish voice and unique swagger would have brought something different to every character.