Music Fans Rerank Rolling Stone's Greatest Songs Of All Time

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Vote up the songs that you consider the actual greatest and vote down the songs that you think are being overrated.

What are the greatest songs ever? No less a source than Rolling Stone aims to answer that seemingly unanswerable question with its 500 Greatest Songs of All Time mega-list. The list immediately inspired even more debate than the magazine's last attempt to nail down musical achievement back in 2004. After a 17-year slumber, the hundreds-long roundup has awoken again. And so have heating discussions about the songs that made the cut, especially the greatest of the greatest. Everyone from serious music connoisseurs to casual listeners have plenty of thoughts on the magazine's selections.

So this list aims to give the power to the listeners, determining the best of the best based on the votes of folks just like you. While the Rolling Stone list was based on input from a cadre of music artists, songwriters, industry professionals, journalists, and other tastemakers, this list allows you to decide the cream of the crop, collecting the top 100 of those 500 songs and asking you to decide the right order with your votes.

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