Rom-Com Co-Stars You Totally Forgot Were In Other Movies Together

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Everyone likes to watch the occasional feel-good romantic comedy. The genre offers the best of both worlds to couples who can't decide if they're feeling passionate, goofy, or a little of both. While everyone can think of a few duos who frequently share the rom-com screen,  it can be easy to forget that some of these romantic co-stars have acted together in other films, too. 

Some rom-com actors who were in multiple movies together actually make better duos in their non-romantic films. Familiarity breeds naturality, and more than a few performances have been bolstered by the inclusion of an actor's bff.

While it can be a little jarring to see rom-com stars in other movies, once you get past the initial shock, you might just find that seeing your favorite on-screen couple acting platonically doesn't diminish the feelings inspired by their more passionate performances.