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Rom-Com Relationships That Were Undoubtedly Wildly Depressing After The Movie Ended

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Relationships end. People change. But that’s in real life, not in the movies. As cliché as they can be, the best romantic comedies make viewers believe that everlasting love is real – at least until the credits roll. Unfortunately, there are a lot of couples in romantic comedies who wouldn't stay together if they existed in real life. Doomed rom-com relationships are built on tenuous ground; their films often feature gaping plot holes and awful behavior that's glossed over in the name of moving the plot along. If you want to make your romance work, take a look at these bad movie relationships and learn what not to do.

Horrible couples in movies don’t just populate the worst romantic comedies. Some of them appear in truly delightful films. It’s just that they act like monsters. They lie. They cheat. They refuse to be held accountable for their actions, and they learn nothing from their zany journeys. Don’t feel sad for these rom-com couples who probably broke up – it was for the best.

  • Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is a veritable smorgasbord of pop culture references. It's a visual treat for the eyes about the titular Scott Pilgrim fighting the evil exes of Ramona Flowers so they can date. But throughout the film, Scott is awful. He immediately begins hooking up with Ramona after he meets her, cheating on his high school girlfriend Knives Chao in the process. While fighting Ramona's evil exes, he gets upset that she's dated so many people, essentially slut shaming her. Things come through in the end when Scott defeats the exes before going off hand in hand with Ramona. 

    It's clear from everything in the film that Scott isn't ready for a long term adult relationship. But he's not the only person at fault. Ramona's still figuring herself out. She had to escape New York City to get away from her last boyfriend, and it seems like that relationship just ended. Scott and Ramona owe it to themselves to take a break and see who they are alone before they proceed together.

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  • Abby Richter and Mike Chadway don't view love the same way. Mike is cynical and misogynistic, while Abby believes in true romance. Even though Abby has an amazing job producing a morning show, she seems to only define herself as a single woman, which is why Mike is able to completely break her down at one point in the movie, leaving her crying in the fetal position on her office floor after an argument. Then, of course, they fall in love. 

    Whether Mike can "reform" or not is somewhat irrelevant. What is relevant is the way Abby sees herself and her self-imposed dependence on a man. Unfortunately, the man she has tethered herself to has a long history of being disrespectful to women and showing sheer contempt for monogamy. Even if they're happy for a brief period, Mike will eventually grow bored, and Abby will cling tighter until they explode. Now that truth is really ugly. 

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  • Abby sends her friend Noelle in her stead to a blind date with Brian as she feels she's not good looking enough. Brian begins to fall for Noelle, but only because he believes her to be Abby - a vet with a radio show he listens to. One thing leads to another, and Ben walks away angry after he discovers the deception. However, Abby's able to convince him she only did it out of self-consciousness, and they end up together.

    While it's nice to see people figure things out, Abby's lies are still pretty messed up. What even was the end goal of it all? Was Noelle just supposed to keep dating Brian in Abby's stead for the rest of all time? Brian's reasoning is equally flawed, as he claims he only fell for Noelle because he thought she was Abby, but in reality he fell for Noelle because the two of them dated. So Abby's just cool with the fact that until very recently, Brian was totally into another woman? That's rather mercurial of him and does not bode well for a committed relationship. 

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  • If any film needs a diagram to understand the myriad lies told by various characters, it's this one. There's the base lie where John and Jeremy pretend to be friends of the family in order to meet Claire and Gloria. Gloria is actually lying to Jeremy to seem more chaste, and Claire's fiance is lying to her about being in love.

    John has spent years weaving tales to women in order to convince them to sleep with him, so why does Claire believe that he loves her after his Hail Mary speech in front of a congregation? Could it be that she's lying to herself? It's impossible to imagine any scenario that doesn't involve John and Claire in a screaming fit after something about his previous life slips out in casual conversation.

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