15 People Tell Their Sweetest Travel Romance Stories

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Travelers and romantics: Vote up the stories that sound straight out of a rom-com.

All you need is love... and a vacation. These cute travel stories might make you want to hop on a flight and have your own romantic travel experience. Just remember to keep in mind any local rules for the place you end up traveling to.

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    Shared A Kiss Under The Warm Brazilian Rain

    From Redditor u/SmoothTortuga:

    I went to Carnaval in Salvador last year. Three of the four nights I went, a friend and I would meet up with a few of his other friends at a nearby apartment. Every time we went over there was this very handsome guy who was friends with the other group and he would wait outside as they got ready because he wasn't participating in the blocos (moving concerts that you can travel alongside with a ticket) this year. He, my friend, and whoever was ready and waiting outside would just talk and laugh among themselves while I just hung back and tried to keep up with their Portuguese. When everyone was ready we would say our goodbyes and he would just hang back.

    My last bloco just finished and I was looking for my friends when this guy came out of nowhere and kissed me. It was just a magical feeling the spark between us under the warm Brazilian rain. After I snapped back to reality our friends were super close by so we all went to go get something to eat and see the free, sea-side show that closed out the day's festivities. The two of us were inseparable that night. We both just wanted to spend the night in each other's arms but our living arrangements didn't allow that. I got his number and ran back for one final kiss before getting some rest for the big day at the beach my friend had planned for us.

    We are still texting and video calling after nearly a year. He has been a big help with my Portuguese and he is learning English as well. He's currently trying to get his American tourist visa and his plan is to visit in July while I'm trying to save up to visit him in Recife for New Year's hopefully.

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    Fell Asleep In Each Other's Arms On An Ecuadorian Bus

    From Redditor u/ItsYaBoiDJ:

    So I was boarding a bus in Guayaquil Ecuador that was heading to Mancora Peru. I got in my assigned seat and got all settled in. Then this lovely Colombian lady happened to have the seat next to me. We didn't talk much until we got our papers to enter Peru mainly because I was, and still am, a pussy. Anyways the bus guy was handing out the papers and explaining the process in Spanish. I don't speak Spanish so I asked her if she spoke English and if she could explain it to me. Turns out she did. She explained everything to me as I have never traveled before lol. We started talking, getting to know each other, laughing and whatnot eventually we fell asleep. Once we got to the border the bus guy woke us all up. We had some issues at the border. We had to wait in 3 separate lines for hours each. We even got to the front of one before that section closed AND the other bus groups didn't let us skip to the front even though they just got there. So we talked and talked which made the time fly by. Later we decided to just sneak into the front together. It worked and we were the first two on our bus! So we fell asleep in each other's arms. I really didn't expect to meet anyone at this point time. I looked like sh*t, smelled like sh*t, and felt like sh*t. Funny how that worked out. Once we got to Mancora we tagged together for a few weeks until we had to go our separate ways. The best part of my 4 months trip right there.

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    Went Salsa Dancing With A Stranger In Cuba

    From Redditor u/arl1286:

    On a trip to Cuba, I met a local coffee farmer in the middle of a beautiful national park (I met him on a tour of the park that stopped at his farm). He invited me to go salsa dancing in town that night, and he rode his bike 5km through the park to meet me there. It wasn't too wild; we danced, chatted, had a good time. We emailed every day for almost two years. I had hoped to go back and visit him and travel the rest of the country with him, but life got in the way. It was really sweet. We joked that he was my "novio cubano" (Cuban boyfriend).

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    Stayed An Extra Night In Bolivia And Met A Woman With Beautiful Eyes

    From Redditor u/jp_books:

    I was supposed to leave Sucre, Bolivia that morning to volunteer in a smaller village, but the organization mixed the dates up so I stayed another night at the hostel. I was upset about the delay until a stranger walked into the hostel and I saw her brown eyes. I fell for her instantly. Then she left with friends.

    She came back past midnight and I tried to pretend I hadn't stayed awake the whole time just wanting to talk to her again. We talked halfway through the night. The next morning we exchanged contact info but realized that we were going different ways and would just be pen pals. She was Chilean; my next trip was to the Middle East. We kept in touch, flirting via Facebook for the next six months as we grew closer and closer. I was still hypnotized by her eyes.

    Six months of constant messages and flirting later, we decided to give it a try. I had been in the Middle East for the previous three months and was comfortable but bought a one-way ticket to Santiago to be with a woman I accidentally met before and had never even hugged.

    We spent the next six months together in Santiago. It was the best six months of my life, and years later I still dream of her eyes the night we first met.

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    Met In Singapore And Traveled The World Together

    From Redditor u/39triangles:

    I went and studied in Singapore for a few months. I met a guy from Canada (I'm from the US) and we instantly clicked. We would spend all day together and would even meet up in the middle of the night, even when he had to be up early the next day. About a month or so later we went on a trip to Bali, and a day into our trip he asked me to be his girlfriend. We were both nervous about getting so serious, but we were on the beach, it was nighttime, the stars were shining... it felt so perfect. We spent the next two months traveling together to many other countries like Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Thailand. It was literally the happiest two months of my life. In a few weeks, it will be our one-year anniversary!

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    Had The Most Beautiful Day With A Girl In Amsterdam

    From Redditor u/bayareadude7:

    Was in a hostel in Amsterdam. This Lebanese girl and her family were waiting to check-in. We looked at each other a few times. She was absolutely beautiful. When she went to check-in she left her phone on the table so I left a note under her phone with my phone number and a quick introduction. She messaged me a while later and we had the most amazing time for about 5 days, including visiting weed coffee shops, having breakfast, going to museums, and even going on a boat with some other people. We promised not to think about what would happen afterward and just enjoy the present moment. And we did. When we said goodbye we pretty much cried our hearts out. We still text every now and then but haven't seen her in over a year (I live in the US). Most beautiful days of my life.

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