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The Russian Monarchy Nearly Escaped Assassination Due To Bulletproof Underwear

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The story surrounding the fate of one of Russia's most controversial royal families, the Romanovs, has perplexed historians for nearly a century; however, the true mystery surrounds not only the circumstances surrounding their murders, but the ultimate fate of their remains. 

After Vladimir Lenin - the leader of the Bolsheviks who had overthrown the royal family - secretly ordered the murder of the Romanovs, rumors began to circulate that some members of the family had managed to escape thanks to the unanticipated benefits of having smuggled out their diamonds and jewelry. 

During the lengthy and terrifying process of being captured as political prisoners and exiled from their home, the Romanov family managed to conceal many of their diamonds by sewing them directly into their underwear, inadvertently turning the family's undergarments into bulletproof vests. The question of whether or not these bulletproof bloomers had, in fact, helped members of the family - most notably the Grand Duchess Anastasia - narrowly escape death has inspired hundreds of imposters to lay claim to the Romanov name, only to be quickly revealed as frauds. The truth is that the presence of the diamonds only seemed to delay the inevitable, and perhaps even added to the great brutality endured by the Romanov family in their final moments of life.

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