20 Classic Rom-Coms Safe to Share with Your Kids

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As your kids grow from children to tweens and teens, it's only natural their thoughts will turn to romance. Your kids will start experiencing crushes and maybe start dating, and this exposure to the world of love will undoubtedly lead to a sea change in cinematic preferences. The days they found the pinnacle of romance to be films like The Princess Bride and Enchanted are over. You'll need to find some romantic comedies for beginners. This means choosing films that take a more adult look at love and dating without being gratuitously raunchy. It's time to make the switch to movies made by John Hughes throughout the '80s or just about any movie starring Drew Barrymore in the '00s. Read below for some suggestions on romantic comedies appropriate for teens and tweens! 

Films like 10 Things I Hate About You, Clueless, and Pretty in Pink touch on topics of concern to young adults, but do so with appropriate discretion. Of course, there are a few of naughty words spread about and sly nods to the birds and the bees. But these films manage to tackle these topics in a fashion that's still mostly appropriate for a younger audience. Keep in mind, some of these films are rated PG-13, so you may want to give them a viewing yourself before letting your kids watch. You should be able to find some films to get kids into romantic comedies that are appropriate for your kid's age and overall maturity level. As a bonus, you may find some classic films you fondly remember from your own adolescence, which you can enjoy all over again with your family! 

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