relationships 12 Romantic Comedy Cliches That Give Men False Hope  

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List of romantic comedy cliches most notoriously aimed at making men think dating and marriage is one big laugh riot. Everyone loves to hate romantic comedies for their over-the-top moments and predictable storylines, which are so unlike real life.

What’s even more illusory about romantic comedies is that they give men false hope when it comes to attracting or keeping the opposite sex. Check out the cliches below and make sure not to make the mistake of believing them too easily because love and even hooking up, is rarely that simple.
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If you’re really persistent, she’ll fall in love with you.

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In Hitch, Will Smith is persistent to the point of restraining order, going so far as to preach about his feeling on his love interest's doorstep before jumping onto a moving car to stop her from leaving with another man.

In How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Matthew McConaughey weaves his car in and out of New York traffic to profess his love for Kate Hudson, who's secretly trying to get rid of him. Under other circumstances it might be kind of creepy and stalkeresque, but hey, movies. 
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Even if she’s about to marry another guy, you still have a shot!

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The phrase "Speak now or forever hold your peace" has been abused by romantic comedies like Wedding Crashers, Sweet Home Alabama, The Wedding Planner, and Made of Honor. Whether it be a lawyer, the father of the bride, the groom, or the guy who loves the bride, romantic comedies treat marriage very lightly. It would be wise to speak to her before the wedding if possible because (hopefully) by then she’s probably already made up her mind.
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If you give her love advice about another guy, she’ll end up falling for you.

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Gerard Butler in The Ugly Truth and Patrick Dempsey in Made of Honor go to extreme lengths to get the girl. Butler helps Katherine Heigl win over her sexy doctor neighbor by accompanying her to get a makeover, practicing seduction techniques, and even communicating with her through an ear piece while she’s on a date. Dempsey humiliates his masculinity by agreeing to be Michelle Monaghan’s maid of honor and going through the wedding preparations.

Of course, these women eventually realize that the men they’re currently with aren’t "the one." In real life, she wouldn’t be asking you for advice about another guy if she wanted you. Chances are she’s genuinely asking your opinion about the guy she’s currently into, and it isn’t you.
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If you’re hideous and she’s beautiful, you still have a chance to make her fall for your personality.

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Sometimes when you’re at the mall, you’ll notice a pretty girl holding hands with an ugly dude, but don’t think all girls are sensitive enough to like you for your humor if you’re seriously lacking in physical attractiveness. Practically every Adam Sandler movie propagates this false notion (Just Go With It, Funny People, Bedtime Stories, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, etc.).

Although the positive outcome of the lovable and chubby Kevin James’ obsession with celebrity Allegra Cole in Hitch is sweet, it’s also extremely unrealistic. Similarly, Seth Rogen’s character in Knocked Up is a total pothead loser who only ends up in bed with Katherine Heigl because she’s drunk. Remember, Heigl’s character is forced to look for Rogen’s positive traits when she gets pregnant.