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14 Romantic Comedy Leads Who Deserved To Stay Single For All Eternity

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There's never a lack of awful romantic comedy characters in Hollywood. From the grating best friend to the lousy ex-boyfriend who returns at the end of Act Two, the battle for worst romantic comedy characters has waged for years.

But what about when the worst character is the romantic lead? All too often, the supposed protagonist's behavior can veer from from puppy love into straight-up-stalker territory. As thin as the line is between love and hate, it's even thinner when separating romance from mania. These characters shouldn't win their lovers back by the time the credits roll; best case scenario, they should take some time alone. In the most extreme instances, they belong behind bars.

There are so many romantic comedy characters who didn't deserve a happy ending. Just be warned – once you read this, you'll never see a rom-com the same way again.

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