Plot Holes That Will Ruin Your Favorite Romantic Comedies  

Renee Engelberth
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The world’s obsession with romantic comedy movies, coupled with Hollywood’s greed, sometimes causes filmmakers to churn out rom-coms so fast that plot holes run rampant - so much so that “plot holes” and “rom-com” are practically synonymous.

 Most of the time romantic comedy plot holes are unrecognizable, but sometimes they're so hilariously silly that nobody cares about them one way or another. The rest of the time they add that much more charm to the film. No matter what the case, the worst rom-com plot holes are listed below, and need your votes! Vote up the biggest and most distracting plot holes in romance films, or vote down any that you can forgive.

The Mummy Returns is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Plot Holes That Will Ruin Your Favorite Romantic Comedies
Photo:  The Mummy Returns

Film: The Mummy Returns

The first Mummy film begins in the year 1923, where we see Rick O’Connell’s (Brendan Fraser) first encounter with the Mummy. Three years later, in 1926, he meets the woman who will be his wife, Rachel Weisz’s Evie. The Mummy Returns begins in 1933, seven years after the end of the first film. If their son is eleven in the movie, that means he would have been born four years before Rick and Evie first met.

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Beauty and the Beast is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Plot Holes That Will Ruin Your Favorite Romantic Comedies
Photo:  Beauty and the Beast

Film: Beauty and the Beast

At the beginning of the beloved animated classic Beauty and the Beast, we are told that the Prince is cursed by an enchantress when he refuses to give her shelter and show her kindness. But if you do the math – Lumiere says the castle has been under the spell for 10 years and the prologue states that the rose will start to wilt when the Beast is 21 – that means this witch is cursing an 11 year old for being rude.

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Tin Cup is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Plot Holes That Will Ruin Your Favorite Romantic Comedies
Photo:  Tin Cup

Film: Tin Cup

During the last round of the US Open in Tin Cup, Kevin Costner’s Roy removes his ball from the hole and the crowd goes wild. Everything seems fair and square except that Don Johnson’s Dave never got to finish his last round.

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Wedding Crashers is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Plot Holes That Will Ruin Your Favorite Romantic Comedies
Photo:  Wedding Crashers

Film: Wedding Crashers

When Sack becomes suspicious of John and Jeremy in Wedding Crashers, he calls up a friend and asks for him to do a background check on the brothers. But considering he only had their fake last name, there is no way Sack’s friend would have been able to find out they were wedding crashers, especially in such a short amount of time.

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