Plot Holes That Will Ruin Your Favorite Romantic Comedies

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Upvote the plot holes that are so bad they almost ruin the movie for you.

The world’s obsession with romantic comedy movies, coupled with Hollywood’s greed, sometimes causes filmmakers to churn out rom-coms so fast that plot holes run rampant - so much so that “plot holes” and “rom-com” are practically synonymous.

 Most of the time romantic comedy plot holes are unrecognizable, but sometimes they're so hilariously silly that nobody cares about them one way or another. The rest of the time they add that much more charm to the film. No matter what the case, the worst rom-com plot holes are listed below, and need your votes! Vote up the biggest and most distracting plot holes in romance films, or vote down any that you can forgive.

Photo: Wedding Crashers