The Best Romantic Comedy TV Shows

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The very best romantic comedy shows on television are a little bit of funny and a whole lotta love. Popular romantic comedy TV shows have been a staple of television for years, and there's no sign of that stopping anytime soon. But there's often debate about what is the most entertaining romantic comedy show of all time.

On this list of top TV series with romance, you'll find good, even great, romantic sitcoms and popular comedies like New Girl, Sex and the City, and The Mindy Project. The best TV rom-coms feature genuine chemistry, love triangles, and even hilariously awkward moments (The Office has all three!). 

Romantic comedy TV shows attract viewers of all ages, though the vast majority of them seem to portray characters in their twenties or thirties. Both Friends and How I Met Your Mother for instance, depict a group of friends living in New York City and trying to make their way through love and life. Despite their formulaic premise, they were both excellent shows - with the exception of HIMYM's final season (Let's not talk about that).

So help settle the argument over what's the best romantic comedy of all time by voting for your favorites on the list below. If you don't see a particular rom-com, be sure to add it so other fans can vote on it. if  you're unfamiliar with a show mentioned below, you can click on it to see its top billed cast and premiere date when available. And if these top romantic comedy TV shows interest you, then be sure to check out these great romcom movies.


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