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Grand Romantic Gestures That Totally Backfired

Admit it, romance is really hard and knowing how to show the special person in your life that you care about them, in the craziest way possible, is an important part of being an adult. Often, the worst that could happen with romantic gestures is what will end up happening. For instance, if you try to surprise your boo by scaling their apartment building, you will get stuck hanging above a busy street while people film you. Or, if you ask a girl to prom in the middle of a football game, things will not go your way. Here you'll read about all kinds of romantic gestures that backfired, and all of the terrible and hilarious things that happened when those romantic gestures went wrong.

Everyone in the world has romance horror stories, but only a few romantic dummies have horror stories that are as bad as the grand love gestures that didn't work included on this list. For some reason, when the dorks on this list fell in love, they turned into Grade-A dummies who either burned down their houses or stripped down to their underwear and ran around a soccer field. To find these stories of romantic nightmares you have to canvass every corner of the Internet – from Reddit to old Dear Abby columns. If you’re close to giving up on love, check out these grand romantic gestures that totally backfired, and then get yourself back in the game!
  • Promposal Goes Horribly Wrong

    Gone are the days when a high school student could simply ask the apple of their eye to the prom, now there have to be lavish "promposals" that are 
    more likely to backfire than anything else. Especially if you film it.
  • A Symbolic Fire That Almost Burned The Apartment Down

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    All Reddit user Holenka wanted to do was light a fire for her husband before he got home from work. She put a log in the fireplace, but then decided to add some photos of ex-friends as a symbolic gesture of moving on with life. As it turns out, this wasn't the best decision; the fire smoked out the entire room and almost burned down the apartment.
  • Dead Flowers and a Ruined Car Interior

    Photo: flickr / CC0
    Austin_Frog had the perfect proposal idea. He'd leave a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of Champagne in his girlfriend's car, inviting her out to dinner the following night (when he'd propose) and surprise her after a long shift at the hospital where she worked. Unfortunately, a cold front moved in that night, killing the flowers and causing the Champagne to pop, dousing her car with bubbly.
  • Happy Anniversary, Have a Car Crash

    Photo: flickr / CC0
    A now deleted Reddit user wanted to surprise his wife with a new diamond for their anniversary. But he chose to give his wife the gift while she was driving down the highway at 70 mph and, duh, she totaled her car. Luckily no one got hurt.