People Explain Why They Ghosted The Person They Were Dating 

Jacob Shelton
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Even if someone finds an easy connection with someone on a dating app and goes out for coffee or even a few real deal dates, there’s still no reassurance that a relationship is going to happen. In many instances people in a relationship simply cut people out of their lives and ghost rather than dealing with an awkward conversation. There’s no one reason as to why people ghost after a few dates, but over on Reddit people are discussing why they disappeared on a potential partner. 

When people reveal why they stopped calling it’s always fascinating, a little heart breaking, and extremely eye opening. Sometimes people ghost for the smallest of reasons, but there are also a few good reasons to disappear after a few dates. 

He Sent Too Many Messages On Tinder

From Redditor /u/NotACreepyWeirdo:

Guy I met at Tinder. Didn't get to go in a date or anything. He'd send 5736272 messages per day and would complain whenever I took more than 5 minutes without replying.

It Came Down To A Rack Of Ribs

From Redditor /u/cherryredscrubs:

We went out for dinner. I ordered the ribs and ate all of them. The next day he was asking weird questions about what my family members' bodies looked like and eventually said 'I've never seen a girl eat like that, I'm surprised you're not fat, but you'll probably get there even though it's not in your genes.' Automatic ghost byyyyyye. I am just happy I got some ribs out of the ordeal.

She Pulled A Knife On Him

From Redditor /u/toast-my-ghost:

I had to ghost the girl i was dating before I met my wife. Total psychopath. I don't mean it as a 'lol girls r emotional.' I tried to break it off and she pulled a knife on me. So as soon as I assured her we could make it work and we were alright I left and never came back.

She then started calling me non-stop after I had been ignoring her texts all day. I finally caved at around 10pm and answered the phone. She said she was walking to my house (she didn't have a car, and we lived 15 miles apart). I attempted to tell her it was 100% over, especially after threatening me. She begins screaming incoherently for about a minute straight, and just due to the lunacy of it all I bust out in hysterical laughter and then notice she goes silent. I then said. Have a nice life, bye. Turned my phone off and went to bed.

She got picked up by the cops about 5 minutes after I hung up, apparently she started screaming again and they were called.

Not Only Was He An Unsafe Driver, He Was A Stalker Too

From Redditor /u/i_love_puppies12:

I went out with a guy from tinder. I didn't really feel anything on the first date and I saw him as more of a friend. I told him so after the date and he made me feel guilty because he said he's used to girls not liking him. So after a week or so I decided to give him a second chance because I felt bad. I had never been on a date before and I felt like I owed him something for his time.

We were planning on having a second date eventually and he would Snapchat me and whatnot. One night he was sending me Snapchats while he was driving and I told him to cut it out because it puts him and the other people around him at risk. He thought it was a joke but I was serious. I wouldn't want to be around a guy who has such little regard for other people's lives.

Also, I'm terrified of cars so knowing he's one of the sh*tty drivers putting other people at risk kinda pissed me off. So I just ignored him for the rest of the day. He didn't contact me anymore and after about a week I got a Snapchat from him. I opened it and it was a picture of me that he took from a distance and I thought that was creepy so I knew I was going to ghost him for sure at that point.