TV Proposals That Make Us Believe In Romance
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TV Proposals That Make Us Believe In Romance

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As long as TV has existed, viewers have tuned in to watch relationships develop between characters. Friendships, rivalries, and family bonds are all compelling, but romantic arcs often steal the show. TV shows provide a great fantasy for fans dreaming of that perfect romance. From dramas to sitcoms and everything in between, there are so many great couples.

Watching a pair of characters who fit well together reach their happy ending is a special feeling, and no moment is sweeter than when one character finally asks another to marry them. Proposal scenes are often the most memorable when the stars of the show have undeniable chemistry with one another.

Check out these most undeniably romantic proposals from great TV couples.

  • Maxwell Gets Mugged On His Way To Finally Propose To Fran On 'The Nanny'
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    British Broadway producer Maxwell Sheffield (Charles Shaughnessy) most likely never imagined marrying Fran Fine (Fran Drescher) on The Nanny. Despite their wildly different backgrounds, Max and Fran have clear chemistry from the start and kiss many times throughout the series, though their relationship never quite sticks. In one of The Nanny’s longest running gags, Max accidentally proposes to Fran and takes it back several times.

    When Max is finally ready to marry again and plans to pop the question for real, things don't go as planned. Fran sees the question coming and eagerly awaits his proposal, but he has to stay late at the theatre. When Max never arrives home, Fran goes looking for him and finds him beaten up in a pile of trash, having been mugged for the engagement ring. Unwilling to delay the moment further, Maxwell pulls the ring off of a soup can and asks the question. Fran agrees, proving that their love is the most important thing.

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    Michael Has The Whole Scranton Branch Help Him Propose To Holly On 'The Office'

    Michael Has The Whole Scranton Branch Help Him Propose To Holly On 'The Office'
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    Unlike the other major Office couples, Michael Scott and Holly Flax (Amy Ryan) take some time to develop because Holly isn't present from the beginning of the show. Holly first appears in Season 4 as a new Human Resources staff member at Dunder Mifflin, which leads Michael to dislike her at first. One Michael gets past his hatred of HR and realizes that Holly is quite similar to him in her sense of humor, he asks her out. Their relationship ends rather quickly as Holly is transferred to a different office and has to move away.

    Season 7 has Holly return to Scranton, picking up her relationship with Michael before long. When Holly learns her dad is sick and she wants to move home, Michael agrees to go with her, since he feels certain she's his perfect match. First, he proposes with the help of the Dunder Mifflin crew. All the employees hold candles and ask Holly if she will marry them, to which she says no, while Michael offers fittingly goofy commentary. Michael leads her to a private room to ask the question himself. The dozens of candles set off the fire alarm and sprinklers, but Holly still says yes. Their engagement leads to Michael's departure from The Office, though fans get a confirmation that the couple is still happy together in the series finale.

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  • Jake Uses The Halloween Heist To Pop The Question To Amy On 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'
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    Detectives Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) on Brooklyn Nine-Nine start the show with a bet of who can get the most arrests. Jake wins and takes Amy on an awful date, only to realize that in his joking, he's developing real feelings for her. The two struggle with their growing mutual feelings as the timing never works out due to other romantic partners or the trickiness of working together, but they officially enter a relationship at the beginning of Season 3.

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Halloween Heist episodes are a fan-favorite annual tradition, wherein Jake bets Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher) that he can steal something from him. Over the years, the heist evolves to involve everyone else in the precinct, with a new twist every time. In the Season 5 heist episode, “HalloVeen,” the competition seems fierce as ever, with Jake and Amy battling down to the last step of the heist - only for Jake to reveal the entire heist was his way of proposing. He has even inscribed the big question on the winner's belt, which Amy reads aloud while Jake kneels behind her. Holding out the ring, Jake gives a loving speech as Amy accepts. They go on to get married outside the 99th precinct building in the Season 5 finale.

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    Patrick's Hilltop Hike Proposal To David Goes All Wrong On 'Schitt's Creek'

    Schitt's Creek documents the lives of the formerly rich Rose family as they end up living in the titular small-town.  David (Daniel Levy) isn't too thrilled about the remote location, nor sharing a motel room with his sister Alexis (Annie Murphy), but he warms up to the area, especially as he meets Patrick Brewer (Noah Reid) while trying to a buy a storefront in season three. Patrick and David become business partners, opening the Rose Apothecary together and later kissing to celebrate the opening of their business.

    The two quickly fall in love, but not without some bumps along the way. In Season 5, a clueless David whines as he accompanies Patrick on a hike. When Patrick hurts his foot, David even carries him up the mountain. Though Patrick wants to bail, David insists they set up their picnic Patrick had planned, unpacking the food and champagne. Patrick tells David to grab something from the bag's front pocket as he shifts onto one knee. A shocked David holds the rings - four of them, to match David's trademark style - and questions if they're 24 karat gold, before quickly taking it back and sharing the joyous moment with his partner.

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  • Monica Surprises Chandler With A Proposal On 'Friends'
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    Friends was a generation-defining sitcom with its ever-relatable and hilarious stories of six young adults in New York. Although Ross and Rachel often had the spotlight with their drama, many viewers crown Monica Geller (Courteney Cox) and Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) as the best couple on the show, given how they slowly evolve from just friends to something more. After their London hookup in the Season 4 finale turns into a secret relationship in Season 5, it isn't long before things get serious.

    By Season 6, Monica and Chandler move in together and are ready to take the next step. Chandler attempts to propose but ultimately fails when Monica's ex, Richard (Tom Selleck) shows up. Just when Chandler believes Monica may leave him for Richard, she catches him by surprise, taking the proposal into her own hands. She lights candles around their apartment and gets down on one knee. Though Monica begins a heartfelt speech, Chandler takes over when she gets emotional and finally pops the question in a simple but famously sweet scene.

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  • Nick Proposes To Jess On 'New Girl'
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    It takes all seven seasons of New Girl for Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick Miller (Jake Johnson) to figure out their relationship. They meet in the pilot episode, when Jess moves into Nick and his friends' apartment after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend. They kiss and go on their first date in Season 2, but they break up a few times and hesitate to rekindle their relationship in one of the most drawn out will they/won't they arcs on TV.

    Season 6 shows Nick and Jess finally getting together for the long haul, and Season 7 skips three years into the future. Nick spends ages planning the proposal with a nice dinner, but Jess wants to adopt a dog, throwing off his plans. Nick chooses not to wait and instead asks for her hand while at a park with Dirty Dancing and “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” playing in the background. It's a great romantic moment and well worth the wait for fans of the couple. 

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