15 Romanticized Traits That Are Actually Super Toxic

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Romantic media has given a lot of people a skewed perception of what relationships are actually like. And some of the most famous and beloved examples of "cute couples" are actually examples of toxic relationship red flags. If you're curious about toxic traits you need to stop romanticizing, then keep reading. These people are sharing the worst ones.

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    Calling Yourself A "Nice Guy"

    From Redditor u/Fit-Meringue2118:

    “Nice guys” just because they treat you like a fellow human doesn’t make them special, that’s literally the minimum of what they’re expected to do. It’s like saying “they bathe”. Well, whoop-de-do.

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    Actively Trying To Make your Partner Jealous

    From Redditor u/HereForTheLore:

    Seeing jealousy as a good thing! Like “fake flirting with another man to get your boyfriend jealous as payback for something stupid he did”.

    Don’t toy with people’s emotions basically.

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    Expecting The "Fantasy Life" Right Out Of High School

    From a Redditor:

    A former GF had this fantasy of a grand wedding, a husband, and kids and she desperately wanted it to happen ASAP, like right out of high school. I wasn't ready, and the relationship ended when she started cheating.

    Fast forward 20 years, and she has a cheating husband, mountain of debt, extremely disobedient kids, and an uncertain career.

    She got in touch with me to let me know that she feels I was the one that got away, and gave me a genuine apology. I'm nothing special, but I do feel not running into marriage and all that was the right decision. Only in my late 30s am I actually ready for that kind of thing.

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    "Wearing Someone Down" Until They Agree To A Relationship

    From Redditor u/TileFloor:

    “If you like her and you’re serious about her, you can’t give up!” Uhm no, She said she isn’t interested in a relationship with you. This also goes for “he wore me down and now we are in a relationship.” I always feel a complete sense of helpless sadness for the person who says that.

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    Being A "Bad Boy"

    From Redditor u/daughterofthemoon:

    The obsessed/jealous/bad boy boyfriend. It's f*cking creepy.

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    Using Independence As An Excuse To Brush Your Partner's Needs Aside

    From Redditor u/octobees:

    Brushing your partner's needs/expectations under the rug under the guise of "I'm my own independent person that doesn't owe anyone anything". You are your own independent person, you don't owe anyone anything but for a relationship to work you gotta compromise and meet the needs and expectations of said relationship.

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