'Harry Potter' Fans Point Out Their Favorite Ron And Hermione Fan Theories

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Ron and Hermione might get some flack from fans for actually ending up together but these fans are revealing their favorite fan theories about the two that make them more interesting as a couple and as characters.


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    Ron And Hermione Both Make Sense In Other Houses

    From Redditor u/ElephantErik:

    We all know that Harry had fitting qualities to place him into Slytherin, but he instead chose to go to Gryffindor where he could be with his new friends.

    Hermione is probably the smartest student of her class and really should have been a Ravenclaw. We don't know if she desired to be in Gryffindor to be close to Ron and Harry, or perhaps she wanted to be in the house where the founder fought for muggle-born wizards. This wouldn't be beyond her knowledge at this point.

    Ron is totally a Hufflepuff, he doesn't exactly radiate courage and he isn't all that smart. It's because of all his siblings having been in Gryffindor that he chose to continue the tradition and be close to his friends and family. Plus his brothers would have more ammo to use on him if he ended up somewhere different.

    I like to think of this as somewhat poetic that the sorting hat took strong candidates from 3 very different houses and placed them into the same house by their own choice or even because they knew each other and would be the best fit for all of them. 

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    Hermione And Ron Are Smart In Different Ways

    From Redditor u/Gay_Genius:

    I’ve just finish all the Harry Potter books. I was thinking about wizarding education.

    I think Hermione is so smart because she is muggle born. I’m sure she is just naturally intelligent too, but I think a big factor is that until she was 11 she had a good muggle education. The same with Harry, but obviously didn’t get as good of an education/his guardians were terrible humans. But he can at least write his own name. Unlike Ron.

    Ron’s parents are both witches and wizards and he is freakishly uneducated. Like stated above, it’s implied that he can’t spell his own name. I understand that Ron is also gifted in the exact opposite way Hermione is but it really seems like he isn’t the only wizard that is lacking in some basic human skills. It doesn’t really seem like witches and wizards have much in the way of education before they are eleven other than what their parents may or may not teach them.

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    Ron's Upbringing Explains Why He Eats Much More Than Harry And Hermione

    From Redditor u/FriendlyWorking:

    Mainly movie-based. I was wondering why the movies always emphasized Ron as stuffing his face or eating, and I think this theory explains it the best.

    He had a ton of older brothers, and they probably weren't the kindest towards him as is referenced to by the five galleon/ten galleon scene. Since Ginny was a girl she was the parent's favorite and they would always have loved her. This puts Ron at the bottom of the hierarchy in his family.

    The Weasley family is very poor. They would have been able to provide for all their kids, but the kids would not have had luxuries. Food would also probably be limited.

    Do the math. The youngest and least favorite child (all the older kids had something, the twins looked out for each other, and the Ginny point) in a relatively poor family is always eating. He probably would have gotten the least amount of food otherwise, so he always stuffed his face to get as much food as possible. This habit carried on to when he started going to Hogwarts.

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    Dumbledore Ensured Ron And Hermione Would Befriend Harry

    From Redditor u/CollectandRun:

    I was rewatching Chamber of Secrets and noticed an odd image. Harry flips between a photo of James & Lily and then a photo of himself with Ron & Hermione. Ron & Hermione are in the same position as James & Lily. In some regards they are not only his friends, but the only 'real' family Harry has.

    Love Protection is without question a major theme of the series. People may not love the ship of Hermione & Ron, but as the series has an arc based around their love - it's not absurd to believe that their love growing together was one of the elements saving Harry from Voldemort and many other things.

    The theme of Sorcerer's Stone and other books is that the parental love of Lily (and James) was an unbreakable force that Voldemort couldn't destroy.

    It slowly caused me to contemplate something deeper than the friendship of the trio. Harry often refers to Hogwarts as a home. Now I am not referring to a theory that Ron & Hermione are re-incarnated James & Lily.

    But I believe Dumbledore saw into the future and knew that Ron & Hermione were a couple that was bound to happen and have a pretty strong family of their own one day.

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    Hermione Spent So Much Time With Ron At The Burrow Because She Was Homeless For Her Last Three Years At Hogwarts

    From Redditor u/sidewinderucf:

    In this thread on r/Harrypotter it was pointed out that in last three Harry Potter books, Hermione spends virtually all of her time out of school with Harry and Ron, spending her entire summer either at Grimmauld Place or the Burrow. It seems weird that she wouldn't spend any of that time with her parents.

    My theory is that Hermione saw the writing on the wall and decided to take action. She erased her parents memories of her as soon as she left Hogwarts after the Triwizard Tournament, and was homeless for her last three years at Hogwarts. She knew she had places to stay, with the Weasleys, for example, but she kept it a secret in order to keep them as anonymous as possible, so that when the moment of truth came and she actually went to war against Voldemort with Harry, they would be as safe as possible.

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    Ron Used The Imperious Curse On Hermione

    From Redditor u/EmperorDeathBunny:

    I've watched the Harry Potter films many times over the years, and each time I always felt a little confused as to why Hermione Granger ended up with Ron Weasley. Throughout the series, Ron is (in Harry's words) a right foul git to Hermione.

    [1] Sorcerer's Stone: After the students practice the Levitation Charm (Wingardium Leviosa) in Charms class, Ron openly mocks Hermione to his classmates. Hermoine happens to overhear the cruel conversation and runs by, crying.

    [2] Prisoner of Azkaban: Near the beginning of the movie, Ron is quarreling with Hermione about her pet cat, Crookshanks, and makes vicious comments.

    [3] Prisoner of Azkaban: Later in the film, Ron makes additional nasty comments about Hermione's pet.

    [4] Prisoner of Azkaban: After Hagrid reveals that Ron's pet rat, Scabbers, is alive, Hermione attempts to elicit an apology out of Ron for his earlier comments. Instead of contriteness, Ron offers a disingenuous apology toward her cat to spite her request.

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