Fan Theories About Ron Swanson From 'Parks And Recreation'

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Ron Swanson is the James Bond of Pawnee, IN. Men want to be him, women want to be with him, and he's surrounded by so much intrinsic mystery that fans can go mad trying to fully understand him. Ron is notoriously secretive; so many parts of his life are never even shown over the seven seasons of Parks and Recreation. That's why there are plenty of Ron Swanson theories to explore some of his more enigmatic traits.

How much money does Ron really have? Where is the rest of it buried? How did he even become rich in the first place? These are all burning questions whose answers are only hinted at in the show, but clever fans have put together some really solid theories to explain these mysteries. These are some of the most solid fan theories about Ron Swanson that you'll find on the internet.