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Fan Theories About Ron Swanson From 'Parks And Recreation'

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Ron Swanson is the James Bond of Pawnee, IN. Men want to be him, women want to be with him, and he's surrounded by so much intrinsic mystery that fans can go mad trying to fully understand him. Ron is notoriously secretive; so many parts of his life are never even shown over the seven seasons of Parks and Recreation. That's why there are plenty of Ron Swanson theories to explore some of his more enigmatic traits.

How much money does Ron really have? Where is the rest of it buried? How did he even become rich in the first place? These are all burning questions whose answers are only hinted at in the show, but clever fans have put together some really solid theories to explain these mysteries. These are some of the most solid fan theories about Ron Swanson that you'll find on the internet.

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    Ron Was Distantly Involved In Jason's Demise On 'The Good Place'

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    NBC's hit comedies Parks and Recreation and The Good Place were both created by Michael Schur and are both similar in tone. References to Parks and Rec are fairly common on The Good Place, leading many to believe that both shows exist in the same universe.

    This is essentially confirmed in this theory from Nerdist, which connects Ron Swanson to one of The Good Place's lead characters, Jason Mendoza. In The Good Place, we see that Jason passes when he gets locked inside a safe. The door to the safe is branded with the name Swanson Safe Company.

    The Good Place podcast also featured a fictionalized ad for the Swanson Safe Company, narrated by none other than Ron Swanson himself. Ron's company built the safe that served as Jason's ultimate demise, officially connecting the two series.

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    He Has A Close Relationship With The Pawnee Gay Community

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    This theory from a former Redditor revolves around a comment Ron makes about Pawnee's local gay bar, the Bulge. In the Season 2 premiere, Leslie is surprised to learn that there is a gay bar in town of which she is unaware. Ron exclaims the bar's name, the Bulge, much to his friends' surprise. He quickly backpedals, claiming he only knows the name because it is located behind his house. We later learn, however, that he lives in a secluded cabin in the woods, far from the bustling bar. 

    While the theorist originally guessed that Ron is secretly bisexual, they later changed their story to claim that Ron's secret alter ego, Duke Silver, could be responsible for his knowledge of the Bulge. If Duke is as popular with gay men as he is with the ladies, he may have played multiple concerts at the Bulge and just wanted to keep his saxophone-playing secret from his coworkers.

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    Tammy Tricked Him Into Permitting The Documentary Series

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    It might seem odd that Ron would allow a film crew to document the entirety of his work and personal life, but Redditor /u/Boston500 proposed a possible explanation. They theorize that Ron was tricked into signing off on the documentary series by Tammy 2, who knew that it would torment him to have his life exposed on television.

    Since Ron is honorable to a fault, he likely refused to back out of the deal once he signed.

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    He's April's Real Father

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    April Ludgate is one of the few people in the world who Ron actually enjoys as a person, largely because they have similarly cynical personalities. Some people believe their relationship extends past friendship, though, and that their similarities are rooted in the fact that they are father and daughter.

    April reveals that she knows Ron secretly performs as a jazz saxophonist under the stage name Duke Silver, claiming her mother is a huge fan. Redditor /u/jason_the_baker posits that Ron and April's mother may have been intimate in the past, resulting in April's birth.

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