'Harry Potter' Fans Are Pointing Ron Weasley's Most Heartbreaking Moments

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Ron may not be in the spotlight as much as Harry or as bright as Hermione but he often holds his own with his bravery and commitment to his friends. Despite his pretty happy-go-lucky attitude, fans have pointed out a number of times he broke readers' hearts.

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    Ron Leaving Hermione Nearly Broke Her

    From Redditor u/imnogoodathisorthat:

    This whole thread has given me goosebumps. The saddest moment for me is likely in book 7 when Hermione runs after Ron truly believing there is a chance she will never see him again. I can picture her running through the woods screaming his name and feeling as though the love of her life has just disappeared into the darkness forever and knowing that it doesn't matter how broken her heart is- she has to keep going and working. I just can't imagine that.

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    Ron's Selflessness Goes Underappreciated

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    Ron Didn't Care About His Life When Hermione Was In Danger

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    Ron Gave Everything To Save Buckbeak In Vain

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    Being Forced To Fight At A Young Age Is What The Trio Originally Had In Common

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    Ron Didn't Give Harry A Hug When Saying Goodbye

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