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28 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Ronald Reagan

Updated 13 Oct 2018 48.5k views28 items

Have you been dying to learn some fun facts about President Ronald Reagan? Thought so! These are the kind of interesting facts about Ronald Reagan that you rarely read about, hear about, or talk about; they span his entire life and feature the most unknown but confirmed tidbits about the 40th President of the United States of America. Learn about the Leader of the Free World, before he became "President" Reagan, and his experiences as a lifeguard, ditch-digger, and sports announcer that you never knew before!

Who was Ronald Reagan? Well, he was the Gipper, obviously, but you knew that already. The Reagan trivia collected here goes beyond just the usual Ronald Reagan biography. Ronald Reagan's life was full of funny anecdotes and golden biographical tidbits, which is what makes this list of Ronald Reagan facts so surprising and fun to read. You won't just read about his birthplace here (it's Tampico, IL, if you are wondering), you'll also learn who responded to his fanmail and find out about his interesting fondness for ear lobes (yes, really!).

Before he lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Reagan was traveling as a spokesman for General Electric and indirectly discovering Marilyn Monroe. Thanks, Ronnie! Find out all about Reagan's favorite (and least favorite) foods, how he got tinnitus, and his service to the FBI as a secret informant. This will give you the most in-depth answer to the question, "just who is Ronald Reagan?"

Upvote the most interesting facts about Ronald Reagan below, take a moment to revel in the wisdom of his best quotes, and see how he ranks among the best US presidents of all time!

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