15 People Reveal The Rookie Mistakes They Made While Learning To Drive

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No matter what age you are, it's never too late to learn how to drive and you're never too much of a grown-up to make the worst beginner mistakes. These people are opening up about their rookie driver mistakes so you can learn what new drivers need to know.

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    Rushed A Yellow Light And Stalled In The Middle Of An Intersection

    From Redditor u/apc15:

    I've always been a natural driver, I can just do it... But, when I first had my permit, I was still getting used to the clutch in my car. One day, during lunch hour, I'm waiting to turn left in an intersection. I didn't notice the light had turned to yellow, so I rushed and BAM, stall. This would have been bad enough on its own, but then I couldn't get the car started again. So, I'm just stuck in the middle of a busy intersection (thank God that it was only a three-way intersection, and there was no traffic coming towards me). I finally got the car started, and then I embarrassingly pulled out of the middle of the road during a red light.

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    Wasn't Aware Of Their Surroundings

    From Redditor u/tehzephyrsong:

    Driving around in an empty parking lot with my dad, just to get a feel for the car and how it works. Drive a few laps around a median thingy, get complacent and start taking one of the turns a bit too quickly. Stop at the sign for imaginary pedestrian, my dad tells me; he's afraid I'm going to overshoot and hit the light pole every time I take that particular turn. Make the lap again, notice the aforementioned pole. I'm quiet for a minute and ask if it makes him feel better that I did not even realize there was a light pole there.

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    Turned The Wheels Way Too Far To The Right

    From Redditor u/ColonelPixie:

    I sucked at driving. Still do, actually. During one of my first few lessons, my dad is teaching me to turn into a road at a right angle. (Don't those have a name? Oh man, I suck at driving so much.) So we've been at it for about half an hour with no luck, I keep turning the wheels way too far and end up pretty much in the roadside ditch as opposed to, you know, on the road I'm meant to be turning into. At one point, I don't mess up to badly and Dad wants me to try once more before we head home. Now, I'm learning in a pretty stranded area in my town, so I'm free to f*ck up as hard as I want with no dire consequences. I'm turning into the road again when a girl turns the corner, jogging. I get super nervous, because, y'know, PERSON, and turn the wheels way too far again. Right into where she's jogging. I brake violently, my dad yells, and she freezes in her tracks. I slump over the wheel and yell, "SORRY." She throws me a super dirty look and runs off. I didn't go near the car for weeks; I just went back to busing everywhere.

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    Nearly Kicked It During Driver's Ed

    From Redditor u/rdt156:

    I could've ended the lives of me, one of my passengers, and maybe the other, as well, if not severely injured him. The kicker? My passengers were the cop giving me the driving test and the driving instructor.

    We were stopped at a stop sign. I looked left, right, then left again and started to pull forward. The car jerked to a stop as a truck (I obviously didn't see coming) went flying by. Because it was a driver's ed car, there was a brake on the passenger side, which the cop had to use to stop me from entering the intersection and being T-boned by a guy going at least 60 in a residential neighborhood.

    The cop had me go back to the DMV and failed me on the spot (because he had to hit the brake himself). He did say though that if he was in his car, he would've pulled the guy over. So there was that.

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    Got The Brake And Gas Pedals Mixed Up

    From a former Redditor

    I drove my car through the wall of the garage and into my parents' office because I got the brake and accelerator mixed up.

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    Confused The Reverse Gear With First

    From Redditor u/OMGPizza:

    Reverse gear is very close to first (Mini Cooper S) and I nearly backed into an Audi R8 at a stoplight once. Like, started moving fairly quickly and slammed the brakes, and stalled to avoid hitting it.

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