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The 9 Funniest TikTok Videos From Rosa, The Funny Latina

Updated May 27, 2020 6.5k views9 items

There are so many funny characters on TikTok. Recently a TikTok user named @adamrayokay has blown up by posing as a character named Rosa, a funny Latina who is always interrupting class to talk to her friends.

Here are some of Rosa's funniest videos on TikTok.

  • Rosa Is Running Late


  • Rosa Has To Go To The Nurse


  • Rosa Wants To Borrow A Dollar


  • Rosa Started Her Period At School


  • Rosa Asks A Friend For A Hairtie


  • Rosa Comes Back To School After Christmas Break


  • Rosa Took A Smoke Break


  • Its Rosa's Birthday Tomorrow


  • Rosa Tells The Teacher She Wants To Be A Youtuber