All The Spooky Evidence That Rosemary’s Baby Might Be A Cursed Movie

In the 1968 film Rosemary’s Baby, a failing actor agrees to give up his wife’s womb to Satan so he can have a taste of fame. When it was released to America it was an instant hit, but there’s long been a rumor that the Satanic overtones of the film imbued the picture with a curse that the cast and crew suffered from the moment the film went into production. The Rosemary's Baby movie curse has allegedly afflicted everyone involved, with the film’s director and producer receiving the brunt of the bad luck. There were plenty of bad things that happened during the filming of Rosemary's Baby, but the curse claimed most of its targets shortly after the film went to theaters.

Rumors of cursed movie sets have been a norm in Hollywood since the golden age, but they've rarely amounted to anything more than rumors. However, the sheer amount of Rosemary's Baby filming tragedies gives credence to the idea that there was actually a curse unlocked during one of the dark film shoots on the most Satanic movie in history.

  • Director Roman Polanski’s Wife, Sharon Tate, Was Slain By The Manson Family

    Arguably the person who was hit the hardest by the curse of Rosemary's Baby was the film's director, Roman Polanski. Initially he wanted to include his wife, Sharon Tate, in the film as Rosemary but was overruled by producer Robert Evans who fought tooth and nail for Mia Farrow. Evans got his way and Tate was relegated to being an unnamed background character in a single party scene. A year after the film was released, Tate and some of her friends were staying in a rented house on Cielo Drive in Los Angeles when Tex Watson and some girls from the Manson "family" broke in. Watson and the girls doled out more than100 piercing wounds between the four people, none of whom survived.

  • John Lennon Was Assassinated Outside The Building Where Rosemary's Baby Was Filmed

    The Dakota is one of the most famous buildings in New York, not just because it served as the exterior for the apartments in Rosemary's Baby, but because it was the site of John Lennon's demise. Built in 1884, the Dakota's gothic style gives it all the darkness it need to convince you that it's the home to witches and producer Robert Evans claims that the whole time he on set at the apartment building he felt a distinctly eerie feeling. Lennon may have not had anything to do with Rosemary's Baby, but he was friends with Mia Farrow and when the Manson Family dispatched Sharon Tate they wrote "Helter Skelter” on the wall in blood. "Helter Skelter" is one of the songs on the White Album which Manson used as a blueprint for his "revolution." 11 years after Tate's passing, Lennon was slain outside of the apartment building when Mark David Chapman fired five rounds into the singer's back.

  • The Film's Composer Perished Months After Completing His Work

    At the relatively young age of 38, the film's composer Krzysztof Komedam fell off a cliff in Los Angeles and suffered a cerebral hemorrhage just months after completing his work on the film. After the fall, Komeda went into a coma and languished for some time before finally passing away. As sad as this end was, it is made all the more unsettling when you realize that his fate mirrors that of Rosemary's friend Hutch

  • Mia Farrow Was Served Divorce Papers On Set

    As far as curses go, Mia Farrow got off fairly light when it came to Rosemary's Baby. Before she was cast in the film Farrow was married to Frank Sinatra and he desperately wanted her to appear in a film with him, The Detective, also being produced by Robert Evans. Sinatra went so far as to tell Farrow that he didn't "see her" in the part but he decided to take on the project anyway while doing double duty in Sinatra's film. As the production for Rosemary's Baby stretched on she began flying back and forth from New York City to Los Angeles to try and do both films but Sinatra didn't feel like this was enough. Instead of working something out with Farrow, he sent his lawyer to the set of Rosemary's Baby and had Farrow served with divorce papers.