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Ross Geller Is Hands Down The Worst Father In Prime Time TV History

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When it comes to the many versions of Ross Geller from Friends, everyone has a favorite. However, no one likes Papa Ross because honestly, he's a terrible father. Aside from the creepy Ross moments, the dude had some serious flaws that were simply overlooked by many people. One of the biggest things was the fact that Ross Geller is a deadbeat dad. 

And he somehow got away with it. Fans were mainly focused on all his relationship drama with Rachel during the show’s initial run. It was easy to overlook all the reasons why Ross on Friends is a terrible father. But if you re-watch the series now, it's obvious that the paleontologist is an absentee parent at best. In fact, one of the most popular Friends fan theories is about Ross losing custody of Ben to explain the boy’s sudden departure from the series. Once Emma comes along, Ross pretty much abandons the idea of developing a fulfilling relationship with his son.

There are several arguments for why Ross Geller is a bad dad. If you're having a hard time recalling his parenting skills and qualities throughout the episodes of Friends, check out the reasons below. Vote up the strongest explanations for why Ross is a huge failure as a father. 

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    He Is Suspiciously Okay With His Daughter Moving To Paris

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    When Rachel announces her plans to take a job in Paris, Ross is significantly more concerned with losing Rachel than Emma. You will no longer see your daughter on a regular basis, Ross. For a loving parent, that’s way worse than missing out on a potential lobster. Just saying.

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    He Basically Abandons Ben In Later Seasons

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    While Ross was initially portrayed as a loving and attentive father, in later seasons, his relationship with his son becomes nonexistent - especially after Emma’s birth. Viewers never get to even see Ben interact with his little sister. For all his talk about missing so much from Ben’s childhood, Ross no longer seems willing to make room in his life for his son. Ugh. 

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    He Doesn’t Invite His Son To His Wedding

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    When Ross gets married to Emily in London, everyone is invited. Phoebe can’t fly due to her pregnancy, but all his other friends are there. His parents are there. You know who’s missing? Ben. Why wouldn’t Ross want his little boy to attend the ceremony? It remains a mystery to this very day.

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    He Fires A Perfectly Good Male Nanny For No Logical Reason

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    Sandy is a loving and dedicated male nanny. And yet, Ross fires him just because he is uncomfortable with Sandy’s sensitivity. Who cares what’s best for Emma, Ross? Make sure to always put yourself first.

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