Creepy Stories & Legends About Roswell

Out of all the weird, unexplained phenomena in US history, no incident is as well-known as the Roswell, New Mexico crash of 1947. Even though the government insists that it was just a surveillance balloon that crashed in the New Mexico desert, it still hasn't deterred people from believing that it was an alien spaceship that careened into the ground. What many people don't know is that Roswell has a rich history of ghostly happenstances and occurrences that don't get as much attention as the infamous 1947 incident.

Some of the legends about Roswell are wild. Did you know there's possibly a giant snake big enough to swallow an entire person just waiting to be discovered? Or that the ghosts of the aliens that were involved with the Roswell crash are said to haunt the New Mexico Rehabilitation Center? The list below contains some of the best Roswell urban legends, so sit back and relax as you enjoy the scariest Roswell creepy stories around. 


  • There Might Have Been A Second UFO Crash
    Photo: Roswell Daily Record / Wikimedia Commons / Public domain

    There Might Have Been A Second UFO Crash

    There is speculation that a second spaceship appeared just a few days after the Roswell UFO incident in 1947. According to the story, after the first aircraft crashed (or was shot down, depending on who you ask), a second UFO showed up, probably to scavenge the crash site for parts and look for survivors. But like the first ship, the second one was also shot down and destroyed. 

  • Spirits Wander The New Mexico Rehabilitation Center

    Out of all the haunted places in Roswell, the New Mexico Rehabilitation Center might be the most densely populated. It is said that numerous ghosts haunt the vicinity,  including one the workers (somewhat) fondly call Old Scratch. There are also reports of doors slamming and footsteps coming from a second-floor ward that's no longer in use.

    The New Mexico Rehabilitation Facility sits on the old Walker Air Force Base, where the aliens were supposedly taken after the 1947 crash. The ward where much of the strange activity comes from was allegedly where they performed autopsies on the aliens - so it's no wonder that some staff members have reported seeing ghosts that don't look human around the facility. 

  • The New Mexico Military Institute Houses A Haunted Clock Tower

    At the New Mexico Military Institute, they do not use the letter "J" to label any of its troops because they believe the letter is cursed. In the early 1800s, Juliet troop was tasked to go out and defend the school from Native Americans. After a massive battle, the entire troop was wiped out and a giant clock tower was built in their honor. It is said that on certain days, you can look up at the tower and see the faces of the soldiers who lost their lives looking back at you. 

  • A Local Psychic Warned Of Disaster

    Legend has it that in 1936, a local psychic woman loudly proclaimed that the town was in grave danger. She said disaster was coming and the ground was soon going to open up and swallow the town in one big gulp. The woman was so passionate she convinced a large amount of people to leave town for a few days. Soon, a large flood hit Roswell and left many wondering if this was the event that the psychic woman foresaw.