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The 12 Most Influential Royal Slayings In World History

History is chock-full of bloody moments. Of those bloody moments, assassinations are some of the most grimly fascinating, since they are usually the result of complicated plots, schemes, and conspiracies. Often, these events are historically important, as well, since assassinations that changed the world brought about chaos, fear, and change - sometimes on a global scale. Executions have also played a significant role in altering the course of history.

Royals have been the victims of more than a few bloody ends. True: part of ruling is dying. After all, death is part of the royal life cycle. But many royals throughout history were ushered into death a little faster and less naturally than others. Since royals are living and breathing symbols of power and authority, one of the most significant - and cold-blooded - ways to challenge that power and authority is to straight-up kill them. Royal assassinations are always political; to assume power, it's sometimes necessary to get one's hands dirty and murder a royal.

Since royals hold positions of massive importance locally and globally, their slayings are often political bombshells that have a multitude of repercussions. Some changed the course of history ushered in periods of war, new regimes, and resistance movements. Others had no effect but to keep vulnerable societies on edge. Either way, they're as fascinating to discover as they are historically significant.