Weird History

10 Notorious Henchmen, Clairvoyants, And Magicians Who Advised Royals

Royals need friends, too. Sometimes, they choose soothsayers, sorcerors, or the like to advise them (or to do their dirty work). More often than not, the results aren't good for those who live under the rule. Royal henchmen also often have their own agenda, which doesn't always bode well for others. However, not all royal advisors were villainous. Some, such as court magicians, clairvoyants, or self-proclaimed wizards, were simply strange people who spun alluring tales of their ability to predict the future and cure all manner of maladies. 

From the famed Rasputin to the lesser-known Charles-Henri Sanson, the following are notorious henchman and performers of wizardry who got blood on their hands so the royals didn't have to, cast a dark influence over entire nations, or got up to some generally bizarre stuff on the backs of their inflated sense of self-importance.