Remembering The Time 28,000 Rubber Duck Toys Spilled Into The Ocean

The oceans are among the most mysterious and amazing places left on the planet that scientists still have yet to fully explore. Unfortunately, they suffer from a variety of different threats every year, with one of the biggest being the dumping of plastic and other pollutants into the water. A lot of this happens when cargo shipping containers are lost at sea during bad weather and in one particular instance over 28,000 Friendly Floatees duck toys were plunged into the Pacific Ocean.

The story of these rubber duckies lost at sea garnered international attention when the plastic toys began appearing on shores all around the world. They were recently brought back to attention in the last few years with the release of Donovan Hohn’s book Moby-Duck: The True Story of 28,800 Bath Toys Lost at Sea. It delves into the tale of these rubber ducks lost in ocean currents but also explains how they were able to travel around the world and the role they played in helping researchers understand how the Earth’s seas behave.