makeup junkie Women Describe The Rudest Things People Have Said About Their Makeup  

Rebecca Shortall
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Other than drag queens and the odd guy that just gets makeup, men don't know a whole lot about the industry or the reasons why women choose to use cosmetics. They don't really understand how much work goes into applying makeup but they sure feel entitled enough to comment on it. Sometimes they assume that it's chivalrous to tell a woman that she doesn't "need makeup" or that they prefer a "natural look" when actually, they come off as pretty oblivious and condescending. Sometimes men are just unrepentant pr*cks about women's appearances, overall but hey, sometimes other women are too.  

The women have stormed Reddit to air their grievances, though! That's right - they're describing the rudest things people have said about their makeup and some of the comments are so egregious that you'll have to laugh to keep from attacking the screen in anger.

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"You Look Like A Different Person"

From weepingreading

"Honestly I never understand why people say "You look different with makeup on" or "You look like a different person with makeup on" because duh! Do you think I spend $28 on concealer and $50 on foundation and $38 on a bomb a** highlight to look the exact same as when I started?!!! 

People suck sometimes." 

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Dark Lipstick Isn't "Ladylike" Apparently

From killjoytrash:  

"I've had someone tell me that my dark lipstick was "unladylike and unbecoming" of me. Like?? I don't wear this sh*t to be ladylike, I wear it because I frick fracking like it." 

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Makeup Isn't Just A Silly Hobby

From baileyls:  

"I did makeup for a friend's bridal party and at the end, the mother of the flower girl came up and asked if I would mind putting a little makeup on her little girl for fun. I said of course, and when I opened my trunk, I got "Wow, you obviously don't have kids!" and "You must have a lot of time on your hands." It just came off as condescending, like makeup is just a silly little hobby I use to fill my time. No." 

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I Bother Because It's My Face

From clearlyalex:  

"I think the most annoying comment that I get is, "You look the same with or without makeup. I don't know why you even bother." 

I understand that people think that's a compliment, but I don't wear makeup because of how I look. It's a form of self-care for me."