Florida Horse Stomps Alligator In A Crazy State Park Animal Fight

Wild horses could drag this alligator away, because they literally did. In a story that only Florida could produce – because duh, it's Florida – a scrappy horse decided he had had enough of a meddling gator and decided to take him on. And what resulted was a pretty sweet fight we would most definitely pay $44.99 on Pay-Per-View to see. Lucky for us (and you), we don't have to because it's on YouTube.

The story goes like this: A group of wild horses was trottin' around in Paynes Prairie State Park near Gainesville, FL, when a gator decided it wanted to join in on the fun. Except the horses were not about that life and decided to stomp his tail like some sort of deranged horse gang members. 

Check it out for yourself. Are you #teamgator or #teamhorse? 

  • Gator V. Horse: A Breakdown

    Gator V. Horse: A Breakdown
    Video: YouTube

    The video starts off with a group of people chatting about the situation at hand. While we don't know what happened before the cameras started rolling, it appears that the horse is the antagonist in this situation. As the gator lounges lazily across the road of the state park, the horse not only comes to investigate it but also charges at it like the gator owes it some money. 

    He (or she) kicks the alligator, making the reptile scurry away – but not fast enough. The gator is flipped in the air, onlookers audibly cringe, and the horse comes back for a victory stomp because clearly he or she is a jerk. The gator does get a good chomp in there at the end, but the horse trots off merrily back to its patch of grass.

    "Just leave him alone!" The woman in the video implores the horse. Leave him alone indeed.

  • Wait, Wild Horses Are Real?

    No, wild horses aren't just the subject of a cheesy Rolling Stones song. Wild horses are actually a thing. And a bunch of them live at Paynes Prairie State Park, just outside of Gainesville, FL. The land at the park is maintained just as it was when Spanish explorers trekked around Florida 500 years ago. 

    In addition to the horses, there are bison, fish, 270 species of birds, and, of course, alligators. Is it possible there's some sort of animal turf warfare going on there? Sure. Or maybe horses are just jerks. 

    Other places where you can see some wild horses include: Virginia Range, NV; Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND; Outer Banks, NC; and Assateague Island, VA. 

  • Don't Let Horses Fool You – They Don't Give AF And Will Attack

    You probably already know that alligators aren't the type of animal to mess around with – and rightfully so. These guys can grow to be between 11 and 13 feet and can weigh up to 800 pounds. They also have one of the strongest bites in the world. 

    Horses – while typically friendly and docile animals – have no problems turning on their owners and other animals if they feel even the slightest bit threatened. They are known to bite, kick, and even stomp someone trying to get into their space.