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Evil Karen Makes Life Hell For Her Neighbors, But They Get Revenge By Buying Her House

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Karens. They are everywhere. At retail stores, at the movies, in restaurants, even at your job. But what if they live next door? What if you share a yard with them and have to deal with their their Karen-ness 24/7? This one couple found themselves in this exact situation when their neighbor made their lives pure hell. But luckily, there is a happy ending. Redditor u/Unique_username504 shares her story of hardship and revenge with a side of sweet, sweet karma. 

Get ready. We are about to enter the Karen Zone. 


This story was edited for length. Please click here to read the full story and the comments.

  • The Story Starts With A Happy Couple Moving Into Their Dream House

    "My husband and I had been saving up for almost a decade to move to a tropical paradise. About two years ago, we bit the bullet and moved to our dream location! Housing here is SUPER expensive (like Hawaii prices), so all we could afford was half of a duplex. It is beautiful and on the water with places for our boat. Unfortunately, Karen, BillyBob (the boyfriend), and her three gremlins live in the other unit.

    The entire duplex was owned by an older gentlemen who rented out both sides. The sides do not match at all. One side is a 5-bedroom, 3 bath. The other side of the duplex is a 2-bedroom, 1 bath. We bought the 5-bedroom. On our side of the property, we have 90% of the backyard, a gazebo, and dockage (about 150' since it is on a corner). The other side has a small backyard, patio, and maybe 15' of dockage."

  • Right From The Start, Their Neighbor Attempted To Assert Her Dominance

    "The rental leases say the renters are entitled to their specific backyards, but the were no fences or anything, so all the renters shared the entire backyard. After we bought the house, Karen immediately tried to throw her weight around that they expected to continue with that privilege.

    I told her if she asked politely, we would try to accommodate her. She thought this meant she could use our backyard whenever she wanted."

  • Soon Enough, Karen Began Taking Liberties, Claiming To Own The Entire Property Including OP's House

    "One day my husband and I are enjoying some drinks outside when a delivery truck shows to setup a giant blowup thing in our backyard. I asked Karen what  she thought she was doing and she said it was her kid's birthday. Then she had the gall to say it was a family and friends only event, so we had to stay inside our house! 

    Not wanting to be a total a**hole and ruin some little girl's birthday, I told Karen after this she had no access to our backward, period. Karen shrugged and kept setting up for the party.

    During the party, a drunk adult wandered into our house which shocked us all. I said Karen's house is the other side and he said, "Oh, Karen said she owned the whole property and to use whichever bathroom was available." 

    I directed him to Karen's bathroom and soon after she came storming into our house, screaming about how dare we make her look bad to her friends and how selfish we are we couldn't even spare one bathroom. 

    She said we didn't deserve all this space with just us. I told Karen to get the hell out of my house or I would be calling the cops. She finally left and the party wrapped up shortly after."

  • Then There Was The Time Karen Called The Cops When The Couple Attempted To Remodel Their Own Property

    "After the party incident, we decided we needed to clearly define the backyard and build a fence. While we were spending the money, we decided to update the patio, put in a fire pit, and an outdoor kitchen.

    While the contractor was onsite, nosy Karen had to come investigate. Since the fence would be the last thing built, I was vague and just stuck to telling her about the patio update. You could see her face light up because of course in her mind, what's ours is hers.

    When the workers started on the fence, Karen came out screaming for the work to stop. I went outside and told the workers to keep working and told Karen to butt out. 

    Of course in true Karen fashion...SHE CALLED THE COPS. 

    What happened next was hilarity on my part after explaining to the cop that we were building a fence on our property and the landlord, of which Karen was NOT, knew about it. When the cop gave Karen a stern lecture, I thought her head was going to explode.

    She went back into her house and slammed the sliding door so hard it sounded like something cracked.

    We got our fence and I thought that would be in the end, but of course not."