A Restaurant Owner Gets Revenge On A Gaggle Of Karens And It’s So Satisfying

Today's special: Piping, hot revenge with a side of karma.

In a recent tale of revenge,  restaurant owner u/RRinfo found himself on the dark side of customer service when a group of young girls on a ladies' night out tried their very best to make his shift a living hell. After demanding tables and VIP treatment with no reservations, threatening his job, and insulting him non-stop during the dinner service, the owner decided to use the opportunity to teach these guests a much needed life lesson.

(NOTE: The story was edited due to length. Please click here for the full story and responses.)

  • First: A Little Background On The Restaurant And How It Became A Local Hot Spot

    "My grandparents immigrated to Canada from Italy in the '70s and opened up a restaurant. When they passed away, the restaurant went to my parents, and over the decades they grew and expanded it. I have been working at the restaurant since I was 15. Over time my parents got older and eventually retired...

    Soon as I gained control, I pretty much modernized the old place. Remodeled the restaurant, changed the logo, reached out the local and national papers to put out ads, invited food critics, bloggers, vloggers, etc... 

    We became a hot spot for major events and it wasn't uncommon for a celebrity to come. On those nights I even arranged for special high-profile chefs to visit and cook for our guests.  

    During the holidays, we were beyond packed. It got to the point where people would have had to make reservations in July to get a table in December."

  • One Night, A Group Of Women Walk In With No Reservations And A Lot Of Attitude

    "On one night a group of six women walk in. Five of them look like they are still in their early 20s and the head of the group looked like she was in her mid 20s. Best theory she was one of the other four girls older sister or possible an older sorority sister to incoming college freshmen maybe.

    I was greeting at the door, as they were walking up Queen Bee Karen was telling the baby Karens on how this place is awesome, food is amazing and there might even be celebrities here. When she came up to me she told me she needed a table for six. I replied, 'Of course, can I please get the name on the reservation.' 

    She looked at me and said, 'Oh, I didn’t make one but it’s OK, the owner is a personal friend of mine, he said he always has one or two tables that he keeps open for special guests and said we can have one of those tonight.'

    Now generally this is true of many high profile restaurants and lately I have been doing that as well, but I had no clue who this woman was and she definitely never spoke to me about any of this. I did get she was trying to get in without a reservation but she literally picked the worst person she could possibly talk to and try this.

    I told her, 'I am sorry, but we can not seat anyone without a reservation as you can see we do not any seats available.' 

    I didn’t want to go all out and say, 'I’m the owner and we have never spoke before, so I never promised you a thing' because I didn’t wanna embarrass her in front of the other girls."

  • The Leader Of The Group Went Full Karen In An Attempt To Get A Table

    "She then went on and said out loud to one of the other girls to take a picture of me, she will speak to the owner and make sure I’m either cleaning the toilet or fired by the end of the week. The other girls following her lead where like 'Yeah, kiss your minimum wage job good-bye.' 

    I’m not sure if they were in on it with her or they honestly thought she knew the owner.

    Queen Bee Karen then went on and said, 'Look you can just give us a table or I can make life very difficult for you, this is not worth losing you job.' She kept trying to put me down, saying things like, 'Obviously, you aren't anyone here because if you were you would know who I am and never even try to tell me anything other than, 'Yes' or 'Of course.'' Constantly trying to belittle me and get that table."

  • At This Point, The Owner Comes Up With A Plan To Teach The Group A Life Lesson

    "At this point it was a long day for me and the way I saw it, I had three options: 

    1) Tell her I’m the owner and just call her out on all of this. 
    2) Just give her the table and let it be 
    3) Teach Queen B Karen and her little minions a lesson.

    I chose option three for various reasons. Including some personality flaws I am aware that I have, but I like to think it was at least 50% really wanting to teach her a lesson.

    I smiled at her, said, 'Of course, ma’am. Follow me please,' and I gave her one of the three tables we keep open.

    I told her I apologize for everything and she is right it would be simpler to just give her the table. I also told her that first three round of drinks will be complementary."

  • Queen Karen And Her Minions Have A Seat And Continue On A Path Towards Their Own Destruction

    "I sat them down and personally served them. As they were sitting down I told them we do need one of your credit cards and IDs just to keep on file and we will give it back to you before you leave. Queen Karen gave me her cards, and told the baby Karen minions that tonight was on her.

    I took their orders and got them their free drinks and told them due to how busy we are tonight there might be a delay on the food. All the girls were thinking of and cared about where the free rounds. 

    They ordered three rounds and still no food, they eventually called me and asked me to check on it, the whole time giving me the world's most nasty attitude. I told them I will check on it but also asked if they would like any more drinks. They ordered two more rounds by the time the appetizers arrived.

    At this point they are all drunk. Having done nothing but drink on an empty stomach most the night and only having had salads after. As more food arrives the more drinks are ordered. What these girls never realized was they are at our VIP table which alone costs a few thousand just to sit in (but I didn't charge them for that), what I did charge them for was all the super expensive cocktails they had through out the whole night, except for the first three rounds.

    In addition, the table they were sitting in as mentioned was VIP, so the menus were a bit different: They don't say prices on them (trade secret), and it has certain higher end menu options such as white truffle, black caviar dishes, specially imported West Coast oysters, among other things."

  • The Owner Almost Had A Change Of Heart. Almost

    "At one point in the night, I was honestly rethinking what I was doing and thought I might be going to far with these poor girls. They might not know any better. But some things reassured me through out the night. Such as one of the baby Karens ask me if I felt like my life was worthless since all I ever became was a waiter. Also one of my other employees told me how they were discussing how to 'f**k with me.'"