The Rudest Celebrities In Hollywood, According To The Fans Who've Met Them 

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Even the rich and famous get fed up sometimes. It's understandable when Hollywood stars get annoyed with paparazzi in their faces or selfie requests, but you'd think they'd be a bit more patient when they have encounters with fans. Unfortunately, some famous people were apparently jerks even before they were famous. These are the rudest celebrities according to fans.

Fan stories about rude and mean celebrities can be pretty shocking. Christian Bale has reportedly made children start bawling while heartthrobs like Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson seem to be new-generation nasty towards the adoring masses who made them famous.

Are the pressures of fame simply too much? Or do these celebrities secretly hate their fans? Whatever the case, these terrible encounters with rude stars will make you gasp. Check out the meanest celebrities according to fans below.

Justin Bieber is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Rudest Celebrities In Hollywood, According To The Fans Who've Met Them
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When one fan tried to snap a selfie with Justin Bieber, he told her that her lack of respect made him "sick." He also yelled at fans for talking during a 2016 concert and allegedly spat on fans beneath his Toronto hotel room in 2013. However, a representative later claimed that nobody was below Bieber's balcony and he didn't actually spit on anyone. 


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Chevy Chase has garnered a reputation for being difficult to work with and possibly racist. There are countless accounts about him being disrespectful to co-workers, so it shouldn't be that shocking to hear he can be unpleasant to fans.

Actor and comedian Rob Huebel was a longtime fan when he met Chase at an Upright Citizens Brigade show, and he said he told Chase all about it. How did Chase respond? He slapped Huebel so hard that he "saw red." 

Chase tried to make a "joke" out of it and said, "Can't you see I'm talking to somebody, kid?" 

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One woman remembers going to an advance screening of The Mask Of Zorro when she was 8 years old. At the after party, she excitedly told star Catherine Zeta-Jones she wanted to be an actress, and that's when things got awkward.

"She turned to me, looked me up and down, and said 'You're pretty enough, I suppose,' then went back to her conversation," the woman claimed. "In many ways, I think of that moment as the turning point when I went from feeling at ease in the world to constantly thinking about how everyone was judging me on my appearance."

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Christian Bale is infamous for being rude on the set of movies, but he's apparently not great off the set, either. His former publicist wrote in her tell-all book that Bale is often awful when fans approach him. He'd reportedly "lecture little girls about being rude and intrusive until tears streamed down their faces, and their parents tugged them away from our table."

When another fan sent him a letter at his house, Bale allegedly told his publicist the fan should be "eliminated," and she said he even offered up a suggested method. "A screwdriver thrust through the eyeball into the brain prevents any screaming. Let me know how it goes."

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